Tour Baggage Information

Luggage Allowance: this is restricted to one large suitcase not to exceed 50 pounds in weight and 30x22x10” in dimension. Hotel porterage of this baggage is included in the tour price. For tours within North America and Mexico suitcases are restricted to 30x18x10” dimensions. Also, for tours to Egypt the weight restriction for your luggage cannot exceed 44 pounds.

Hand Luggage: each person is allowed one small piece of carry-on size luggage that does not exceed the dimensions of 12x11x6” and is the responsibility of the tour member and must be taken on the motorcoach with you. The type of luggage that has a telescopic handle and small wheels WILL NOT FIT overhead on the motorcoach and cannot be used as your carry-on luggage. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated, particularly as it is necessary for your safety and comfort.

Baggage handling at hotels for ONE suitcase per person is included in the tour price. Charges will be levied in the event these limits are exceeded and our promise to transport you as indicated may be invalidated. If a SECOND suitcase is carried, or if it exceeds the permitted weight and/or dimensions, a charge of €5/€6 per traveling day will be collected by your Tour Director.

Please Note: Airlines have their own restrictions in relation to check-in & carry-on baggage. It is your responsibility to verify the weight restrictions for the individual airline that you will be traveling on. If your baggage exceeds the restrictions set by the airlines, you will be subject to a fine upon check in.

Constant handling will invariably leave marks on your baggage, especially a soft sided case. A hard shell will provide better protection for your possessions. Detachable wheels on cases should be removed before checking in your baggage. Locks should be sturdy and straps should be tied around the case if you have doubts about the fastenings. Loss or damage to baggage is at your own risk so please protect yourself with proper insurance.

Airline Baggage Fees and Confirmation

Due to schedule changes that air carries impose daily, we strongly recommen that you reconfirm your flight's departure time and seat assignments 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Please click here for a list of airline phone numbers and websites