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Alicia Quezada

Being a part of our guests’ happiest moments is what makes Alicia happy! “As our guests get closer to their departure date, I feel the excitement along with them. I am so eager for them to be on their way to a wonderful vacation experience,” Alicia says.

Alicia always starts conversations with new guests by asking what they're most interested in seeing and experiencing on their vacation and what kind of traveler they are. “I like to understand whether guests want a fast-paced trip where they can pack in a lot of sight-seeing, or whether a slower pace is better for them.” With so many destinations and itineraries to choose from, Alicia is always eager to make sure you get the information you need to find the best guided vacation for you.

Understanding travel can be a little intimating for some guests or solo travelers. Alicia does everything she can to simplify things. “I always try to break down the process for each guest and address their concerns so they can say ‘yes, I can do this!’"

That attention to detail is especially helpful for the groups Alicia has helped. Last year, she assisted a guest who was planning a group trip for 30 friends and family. “We formed a real connection and I got to know the lead client really well. When I would call her, she would tell me it brightened her day to hear from me.”

Alicia says vacation planning for large groups takes more focus, and she takes pride in being able to handle every aspect of the planning process. When a recent 25th wedding anniversary and birthday celebration grew from four travelers to 27, Alicia was ready to work with the group on cost and all the pricing details. “When I have that many people counting on me, I have to be quick and accurate with my responses.”

Italy is a top destination for many of our guests, and Alicia says there’s one vacation itinerary that can’t be beat. “Its name is in the title – Best of Italy.” Alicia says this 13-day, first class Trafalgar vacation gives guests a spectacular, up-close experience, at a comfortable pace.

Another one of Alicia’s favorite itineraries is Trafalgar’s London Explorer. In just 8 days, you can see all the major sites – from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace – at a leisurely pace.

Alicia's Top Trips

Land of the Gods

This trip includes a visit to the Sea of Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus Christ delivered his sermon. I would love to see the origins of my faith and ancestors’ faith.

Great Iberian Cities

My last name originates from an Andalusian village called Quesada. Since this trip moves at a leisurely pace, I would have the opportunity to make my way to that village and visit Quesada!

Treasures of France including Normandy

I’ve always wanted to visit Paris because of its cuisine and beautiful monuments. I’m endlessly fascinated in learning about the origins of a place, ideology or invention so visiting a location like France would satisfy that curiosity.

Best of Hawaii

I’ve only seen pictures for comparison, but I believe Hawaii is arguably the most beautiful place on earth. This trip ensures a visit to the ‘best’ locations within the state along with a UNESCO-listed visit to see the world’s largest volcano. This trip is not only educational, it’s therapeutic!

In Full Bloom with Chelsea Flower Show

There is so much to do in London and never any time! December of 2018 will mark my first visit to the city, but it is not long enough. Like most people, I’m a sucker for flowers and being able to attend the flower show looks like an unforgettable experience.