Diane Anzalone

Diane has been with us for more than 20 years! “As an Air Specialist, I bend over backward to help our guests any way I can,” Diane says.

Most days, Diane is busy quoting and securing the best schedules and fares for guests, handling seat assignments and ticketing, and managing requests for changes. When there’s a challenge, she rises to the occasion.

“We get calls and emails from guests at the airport who find out their flights have been canceled. It's important that we re-book people as quickly as possible so they don't miss the first day of vacation activities or the departure of their river cruise.”

That’s why arriving at your departure destination a day early is at the top of Diane’s air travel tips for guests. Arriving a day early gives you some extra time to make connections if something goes wrong with your flights.

Here are Diane’s other travel tips:

  •  If you can upgrade a flight, do it. With the new Comfort Plus seating on many airlines, you can get more legroom than an economy seat without the expense of upgrading to Business or First Class.
  • Remember to give your frequent flyer or mileage club number directly to the airline. While we put it in your record, it’s best to make certain your airline has it.
  • Many U.S. carriers provide meals on international flights, but that may not be the case with international airlines. Check with the airline directly or pick up a meal at the airport.
  • When it comes to checked bags, most international carriers don’t charge for them, but U.S. airlines do. To avoid costly surprises at the airport, check the airline’s baggage policy and weight limitations before you leave home. Our packing tips and luggage guide can be a big help.
  • Choose flights that leave early in the day. If you do encounter an issue while traveling, there will be more options available to you.
  • Always leave plenty of time between connecting flights.