Josh Pericas

Josh loves swapping travel stories with guests and talking with people about new destinations. This is one of the reasons he joined us in early 2015, after working as a student advisor for study abroad programs.

He’ll remember your stories, too! “I love the relationships guests and I build together. I always jot down notes so I remember their stories the next time they call,” Josh says. Listening and connecting with you is the most important and exciting part of Josh’s day.

“I want to make each of our guests know Grand European and I are here to support them in any way we can.” Whether that’s helping guests who are traveling for the first time understand some of the cultural differences they may experience in their travels, or introducing frequent travelers to some of his favorite places and off-the-beaten-track destinations, Josh believes the world is a book and he wants to help everyone write their own chapter – through travel.

Some of Josh’s favorites vacations are the Best of Portugal, an affordable 11-day journey packed with outstanding experiences in medieval cities and religious landmarks. For history and heritage buffs, Josh recommends taking a journey into the past on the Luxury Gold Harmony of Central Europe vacation. And, of course, Italy is always at the top of Josh’s list. 

“With over 100 tours that include Italy, it’s our most popular destination and there are really great choices like CostSaver’s Jewels of Italy, Insight Vacation’s Italian Intermezzo, or the family-friendly Gems of Northern Italy river cruise.

No matter where your travels may take you, Josh is there for you. “I want anyone who talks to me to know that Grand European Travel goes above and beyond for our guests.”

Josh's Top Trips

Grand Scandinavia

This itinerary is probably our most comprehen-sive option to Scandinavia. In the 20 days, you visit all 4 nations that comprise Scandinavia and their capital cities. Furthermore, this itinerary goes beyond the Arctic Circle where, depending on the season, you will receive near-endless sunshine or darkness with the potential to see the Aurora Borealis. A few highlights on this trip are the stop in Rovaniemi, Finland, where Santa’s workshop is located; the Coastal Drive between Alta and Narvik; and seeing Geiranger Fjords.

Alaska & the Yukon

This tour really goes off the beaten track. Alaska is the last state that I need to visit out of all 50 states! I would geek out by taking this itinerary as it spends 2 days in Denali, travels on the ‘Top of the World Highway,’ and visits the Yukon, Canada’s least populous territory. This itinerary is great for people who are interested in nature and history. Since this is a summer itinerary, you will be able to see millions of wildflowers and, if the weather is clear, Mt. Denali & Mt. Logan – North America’s highest peaks.

Highlights of Vietnam with Cambodia's Angkor & Phnom Penh

SE Asia is a region that I have a lot of interest in visiting. This itinerary packs a lot in the 18 days. Some highlights for me: Halong Bay Cruise, visiting markets in Hoi-An, the temples of Angkor Wat, and being able to interact with locals throughout the trip. As a vegetarian, I’m looking to embrace their varied cuisine and learn their cooking techniques. This itinerary is also important from a historical standpoint as both of my grandfathers served in the Vietnam War. 

Country Roads of Croatia

I like this itinerary because it goes off the beaten path along the Adriatic Sea and Dalmatian coast. It also goes to the Postojna Caves, which sound really amazing. Some other highlights for me: Plitvice Lakes, exploring the port of Split, cruising to the sunny island of Hvar, and visiting Pula and Rovinj on the unique Istrian Peninsula.

Country Roads of Portugal

The Iberian peninsula has been a top selling region for GET and recently Portugal is becoming increasingly popular. Portugal is known to be more affordable than Spain, but it still has stunning beaches, distinct culture, and all of the delicious seafood and wine. A few highlights on this trip: spending time in Lisbon (the San Francisco of Europe), drinking vinho verde & port in Porto, and seeing the steep cliffs off the Algarve coast.

Land of the Gods

This tour focuses on Israel and Jordan. I've always been interested in this highly contentious area of the world. Visiting Israel, the starting place for 3 major world religions, with a travel director is invaluable. You start in Tel Aviv, a major tourist destination, and visit sites that we’ve all grown up hearing about – Jericho, Bethlehem, Nazareth, etc. I would love to visit the Dead Sea but more importantly, I would like to see Petra. With the world affairs as they are now, you don't know how much longer this site will be accessible.