Kaitlin Fitzpatrick

Kaitlin has been helping our guests plan their dream vacations for more than a year. “After 10 years of working in the food and beverage industries, I knew I wanted to work with a company where I could use my customer service skills in a new and exciting way,” Kaitlin says.  We’re glad she chose us!

One of the first things you’ll learn about Kaitlin is how much she listens. “I love to listen to our guests. If I haven’t spoken to you before, I’ll ask a few questions and then give you a chance to tell your story about why you want to travel and what you would like to see.”

Kaitlin also prides herself on being prompt and patient with every guest. “I try to be incredibly patient with everyone. Then I respond as quickly as possible by phone or email so my guests have everything they need to make their decisions.”

By listening closely, Kaitlin can start to pinpoint vacation experiences that not only fit her guests' schedule but also deliver great value. “I’ve been working a lot with first-time travelers, and I think starting with a CostSaver vacation is a wonderful value for the money, and travelers can have a wonderful time.” One of Kaitlin’s favorite CostSaver recommendations is the 10-day Italian Scene tour.

As she listens to her guests, Kaitlin has other wonderful recommendations. “European Traveler and European Dream tours are my personal favorites for seeing the major cities of Europe in 10 days. If you have already ‘done’ Western Europe, it’s time to explore Eastern Europe!” Kaitlin often recommends Trafalgar’s Bohemian Highlights as a great way to see five countries in a 15-day vacation.

For travelers who want to explore closer to home, Kaitlin’s go-to choice is a U.S. national parks tour like America’s Magnificent National Parks or National Parks Wonders.

What’s Kaitlin’s dream vacation?  “Taking my mom on the Sound of Music tour. It’s my dream of a lifetime.”

Kaitlin's Top Trips

Country Roads of Portugal

I am always drawn to places that are a blend of coast, city, and country – there is so much to do! Lisbon seems like such a unique city that is filled with beautiful art and old world charm.

Sicily in Depth

In addition to Italy, Sicily is a place I would not want to miss. I appreciate the fact that although its small, it has its own culture, architecture and culinary style. This tour would be the perfect way to experience all of this.

Best of Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg

Beer, waffles, chocolate… what else could you possibly need? This tour has one of my favorite itineraries, and I get so excited when guests ask about it. 

Impressions of South America

Beautiful coastline, mountains, rainforest, and Carnivale!! Brazil seems like the ultimate place to have FUN, no matter what your style is. I really like this trip – not only does it feature Rio, but Iguassu Falls and Buenos Aires.

Best of Israel

I think Israel is the ultimate destination to check off your bucket list. I’m sure it’s a place you can’t quite imagine unless you’ve experienced it yourself. I would love to go on this tour – it would be the trip of a lifetime!