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Andrew Robinson (1)

Andrew is enthusiastic about working with you to help you find and plan your dream vacations! Andrew loves all kinds of travel, especially train journeys and island visits. His first introduction to travel was his solo treks on Amtrak trains - taking the panoramic route from Portland, Oregon, to his grandmother's travel agency in Seattle, Washington.

Save for a year he spent living in the Caribbean, Andrew is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest and recommends a west coast tour of the USA for everyone at least once. From LA and Portland to the untamed wilderness of Death Valley Desert and the North Cascades, Andrew thinks there's genuinely a favorite spot to find for any traveler.

While Andrew loves scheduling and planning for his own travels, he thinks being on a TTC tour offers him SO MUCH MORE. His dream vacation involves a plane, train, and cruise ship. For him, it's pretty incredible to enjoy the vistas without getting a sore neck from trying to drive and sightsee or dealing with the stress of planning a route and then waiting in lines. "The point of a vacation is to travel well!"

Andrews's Favorite Guided Tours

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Andrew thinks, that when it comes to your vacation bucket list, why not go big? Adding a train ride to any trip offers a wonderful and memorable way to take in your surroundings from a different point of view - on the rails.

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Andrews's Top Dream 5 Destinations


All Aboard the Glacier Express, my internal connections to mountains and granite peaks draw me to Europe. The trip's highlight is the train ride and Landwasser Viaduct; this tour is on my bucket list!

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Train with Matterhorn in the background, Switzerland


This trip is unique as it offers three nights in Rome, Florence, and Venice. I have always wanted to see Venice from a gondola on the Grand Canal.

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Aerial view of Venice, Italy


The white houses and windmills in Mykonos seem pulled from a fairy tale. I'd love to write in my journal in a heavenly place like Little Venice while sipping a vino. (This would no doubt help the quality of my work.)

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Outdoor cafe at sunset in Mykonos, Greece

Costa Rica

Monkeys, jungles, and volcanos in Costa Rica with my 6-year-old twins would be epic! I would love to share with them the experience of seeing young sea turtle hatchlings making their way to the ocean.

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Capuchin monkeys in tree, Costa Rica

USA National Parks

Crater Lake is my local National Park, but I want to see them ALL one day! The best way to do this would 100% be guided trips, as you get to stay right in the parks and never wait in lines.

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Geyser at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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