Janice Pingo

Your travel documents are in great hands with Janice. Since joining our Guest Relations team in 2011, Janice makes it her mission to ensure you have everything you need to make your travel a little easier.

“First, I check every booking to make sure everything is in order, “ Janice says. That ensures the travel documents you receive include everything you need – tour information, travel vouchers, day-by-day itineraries, even hotel reservations if you are arriving early or staying longer at your destination.

Janice also helps guests complete their travel/tourist visa if they are vacationing in countries like Russia, China, Turkey, or Brazil. “I’m here to help you fill out your application correctly - including travel dates and other required information like your passport number – and help you submit it well in advance of your travel.”

Today, many guests like the convenience of electronic travel documents. Because those emails can be long, Janice takes the time to walk you through every electronic document to make sure you understand everything you have received.

For guests who rely on paper documents, Janice has some tips to make your travel go more smoothly:

  • Make sure the address you give us for mailing your documents is where you want to receive them. Janice says if you book your vacation while you’re at your winter residence, but will be at your summer residence when the travel documents are sent, be sure you let us know.
  • Use the convenient waterproof folder you receive with your documents to keep them organized and together in one place. That way you’ll always know where to find what you need.

Whether you choose paper or paperless, Janice wants to remind our guests to reach out with any questions you have about your documents. “I am here to help you!”