Meet Randy

Randy Travel Specialist Bio

Randy has worked in the travel industry for over a decade. He's traveled the world and is ready to be your go-to expert for all things guided travel. He loves working with our guests and helping them get as excited about traveling as he is! "When someone calls about their first time traveling to Europe, it's my absolute favorite as I get to share all of the things I wish someone told me when I went to Europe for the first time." 

Randy knows our trips and itineraries by the book and truly enjoys sharing his knowledge with you. He always suggests taking a guided vacation because you don't have to worry about missing out or struggling with what to do day-to-day. "Choosing to go on a guided vacation takes so much effort off of our guests' shoulders as you genuinely don't realize the level of work that goes into planning and managing a whole trip until you really start working out the logistics."


Randy's Top Dream 5 Destinations


Traveling through Italy has always been a top priority for me but has never worked out due to logistical issues. It's the country I've spent the least amount of time in and I want to do more there so badly!

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Lake Garda in the Lake District, Italy

USA National Parks

I have spent very little time exploring my own country, and the national parks deserve some attention.

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Geyser at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Central & Eastern Europe

I absolutely loved my time in Prague, Vienna & Budapest and would love to explore more of Central & Eastern Europe.

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River Beatrice, Budapest


Scandinavia is absolutely stunning, and I want to see more of it.

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Geirangerfjord, Norway

New England

New England has my heart always and forever.

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Autumn colors in New England, USA

Randy Also Recommends

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