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Sadie is as excited as you are about your next trip! When it comes to traveling, she knows that a guided vacation provides wonderful opportunities to meet like-minded travelers while you explore the world.

"I think there are many reasons someone would choose a guided tour. For one, the planning is already done. They have faith that they will be going on a tried-and-true enjoyable trip, which will take a lot of stress off planning themselves, trying to get the best price and an experience they will enjoy. Also, they will be able to meet people who share interests with them, so they can make lifelong friends!"

Sadies's Top 5 Dream Destinations

New Zealand!

The biggest reason is that I've considered moving to New Zealand. I want to see if it is somewhere I could live long-term. I want to explore the greenery, the climate, and the connection to the ocean. Also, I love Kiwis!

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Lake, flowers and mountains in New Zealand


Sunny and surfy, and wonderfully unique culture and language. Its close ties to Marrocco and Spain is also a huge plus.

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Portofino with boats, Italy


I was a huge Percy Jackson nerd growing up, and afterward, I did deep dives into the mythology and history of the Mediterranean. Greece and Egypt have intertwined histories that are so fascinating, and I'd love to visit both of those places.

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Tours of the Oracle at Delphi, Greece


I would love to dive into Japan's unique and peaceful culture. The food, the people, the landscape, and the language are all so beautiful.

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Japan Kyoto Women

Costa Rica

I love tropical places, the storms, humidity, nature, and wildlife that is found there. Anywhere in Central America is very appealing to me for this reason.

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Keel-billed Tucan, Costa Rica

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