Pam Spelman

Guest service is priority #1 for Pam. For more than two decades, Pam has been helping guests and leading our Travel Specialist team to ensure you are treated with the utmost respect on every step of your journey with us.

Pam shares your love of travel, which is one of the reasons she’s so passionate about making sure you enjoy effortless, fun vacations. She took her first trip to Europe in 1996, and has traveled every year since.

Double-checking all the details before you depart – reviewing your documents, confirming reservations for extra hotel nights – is one part of Pam’s day.  She’s also ready to handle any situation that may come up while you’re traveling. “Those are really great moments for me. When I can help guests who may have a delayed flight get re-booked to arrive on time for their tour, or walk first-time travelers through their itinerary so they can feel secure in what they’re doing…that makes a world of difference for you.”

Pam also has a great eye for finding great values in our vacation collection. After taking her first guided vacation with CostSaver, Pam is a big fan. She says the level of service and inclusions are “first class,” and offer plenty of free time for guests who want to do more on their own.  One of Pam’s “insider” tips is to combine a CostSaver value vacation with an Insight Vacations experience to enjoy the best of both travels. A great pair is CostSaver’s Jewels of Italy, which takes you to Venice, Florence, and Rome, bundled with Sicily in Depth, operated by Insight Vacations.

No matter where you choose to travel, you can count on Pam to be there to make your vacation effortless and fun.