Steve Frazee

For more than a decade, Steve has worked behind the scenes to make sure all your flight arrangements go smoothly.

As an Air Specialist, Steve works with your Travel Specialist to find the best air itinerary – and the best value – for you. While many guests are used to booking their own flights, Steve says this can be a daunting task for international travel. Coordinating connecting flights along with arrival and departure times is very precise when you are meeting a tour or embarking on a river cruise.

When Steve handles your flight arrangements, you can be sure they pass the “walk-through” test. “You need to walk it through in your mind. If you're changing planes in a U.S. airport, you may have to go to a difference concourse or terminal for international flights,” Steve says. With the long concourses in many airports, that short connection that looks good on paper may not work when you walk it through.

Steve recommends a minimum of two-to-three hours between planes, so you have more time to relax than stress. Another way to make travel effortless is to know before you go. Steve recommends checking expert advice topics like our European Travel Checklist or using TSA Pre-Check to speed through security.

If there is an emergency while traveling, Steve is there to help. Several years ago, when there was political unrest in Egypt, Steve helped hundreds of guests evacuate and re-book flights. He was also with us during 9-11, when the Air Specialist team worked tirelessly to get our guests into hotels rooms when international flights were halted.