Celebrate Earth Month

Celebrate Earth Month

In conjunction with the Treadright Foundation, GET promotes conservation projects around the world.

For Earth Month, we wanted to take special note of the Treadright Foundation’s support of the Sea Turtle Conservancy and the endangered Caribbean Sea Turtle.

As a member of the Travel Corporation – a passionately run family-owned business with nine decades in the travel industry – Grand European Travel is proud to support the TreadRight Foundation. The TreadRight Foundation is a joint initiative by the Travel Corporation family of brands that seek to ensure that the destinations we visit remain vibrant for future generations to enjoy.

Since 1959, the Sea Turtle Conservancy has been working to protect these turtles and their breeding grounds. For example, the conservancy has retrofitted lights near nesting grounds to prevent baby turtles from becoming disorientated. The Sea Turtle Conservancy also has a popular education program called Tour de Turtles, an online event that tracks the migrations of several turtles via satellite to raises awareness about the dangers turtles face (like climate change, oil spills and the illegal trade of their shells).

This year, 12 individual sea turtles will be tracked for approximately three months. The Tour de Turtles competitors will swim with the goal of being the turtle to travel the furthest distance during this “migration marathon”. You can get involved by supporting a turtle and raising awareness about this worthy cause.

During select dates of the Costa Rica Eco-Adventure, guests have the opportunity to join a trip to see the turtles laying eggs on the beach! Sitting silently while watching this ancient ritual is an awe-inspiring experience – one that all future generations should get a chance to witness. The two-part review also includes a short video of a baby sea turtle.

Join the Treadright Foundation and the Sea Turtle Conservancy this Earth Month in the protection of this important species and the health of our planet. And may the best turtle win!


Rhonda Delameter

Rhonda is a world traveler who spent nearly 2 years backpacking around the world with her husband. She's currently working on achieving her latest dream of driving the PanAm highway all the way to South America.

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