Meeting this Year’s Tour Directors in Rome

Meeting this Year’s Tour Directors in Rome

Grand European president, John Miller, recently traveled to Rome to kick off this year’s travel season with Insight Vacations. Read about his experiences in the Eternal City.

Last week I flew to Rome, Italy, to celebrate the start of the 2017 travel season and attend the Annual Tour Directors’ Meeting for Insight Vacations.  You see, the travel season officially runs April thru October, and March is the time we  come together to freshen up, learn new skills, and prepare to greet our first travelers of the year.

Meeting This Year’s Tour Directors

Insight Travel Director

The tour directors we work with are just as well traveled as many of our guests. Before arriving in Rome, most of them have been busy traveling the globe during their “off season” – exploring places like Australia, the Canary Islands, South America, the US, Asia, and beyond.  I’m deeply impressed by their  love of travel and boundless curiosity about geography, culture, and art. Yes, travel is their “job” but clearly they chose travel as a profession because they love to travel – and sharing that passion with others. Those of you who have experience an Insight Vacation will know what I’m talking about; they’re committed to showing you the highlights of your destination while providing great service every step of the way.

Exploring the Eternal City

I too love to travel, and I never tire of it. I had a window seat on my flight to Italy and gazed at the country side and Tyrrhenian sea as I arrived at Rome’s Fiumicino airport.

Exploring Rome in Spring

Despite the jet lag, I quickly changed clothes and went into the city center to take in the sites. The weather was perfect – sunny and a pleasant 65°F. There were a few tour groups about, but not many. Late March and early April really can be a wonderful time to travel.

For those of you who will be taking an Insight Vacations tour this season, I can assure you that you’re in for an unforgettable experience. And, if you haven’t yet planned a trip for 2017, I’d encourage you to check out our collection of guided vacations from this award-winning travel brand.

John Miller

As former president of Grand European Travel, John travels on the same selection of guided vacations and river cruises as GET's loyal guests. He was first inspired by travel at an early age, when his family moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Those first international impressions have stayed with him over the year. Most recently, John and his family toured Greece to celebrate his youngest son's college graduation. The time together was incredible and everyone had a wonderful experience.

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