My Top Ten Bucket List Vacations

My Top Ten Bucket List Vacations

John Miller, President of Grand European Travel, shares his travel inspiration and Top Ten Bucket List Vacations.

As a young boy in school, I often found myself staring at a gigantic wall map of the world, day dreaming about the different countries I wanted to visit.  Later on in my youth I was fortunate enough to spend a few years living in Brazil with my family, which ignited my desire to see new places and experience different cultures.

Today, I feel blessed.  As President of Grand European Travel, I get to help people discover the world on guided vacations and river cruises.  We’re fortunate to be part of The Travel Corporation’s global family of over 30 travel brands, bringing a vast selection of the world’s best vacations right to our fingertips.

My work has taken me many places in recent years – from guided vacations in Peru, Italy, and Greece to a luxury river cruise in Southern France and company meetings in Budapest.  There has never been a dull moment at The Travel Corporation – the inspiration is endless, and I’m always left with a desire to see more.

I’m excited to share my Top Ten Travel Bucket List with you:

  1. Africa: Lion World Travel – Platinum South Africa
  2. Ireland & Scotland: Insight Vacations – Country Roads of Scotland
  3. Vietnam: Uniworld – Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong
  4. Costa Rica: Trafalgar – Costa Rica Eco-Adventure
  5. Egypt: Uniworld – Splendors of Egypt and the Nile
  6. New Zealand: AAT Kings: Contrasts of New Zealand
  7. China: Uniworld – Grand China & the Yangtze
  8. Russia & Poland: Insight Vacations – Russia, Warsaw & the Baltic States
  9. Greece: Insight Vacations – Grecian Fables
  10. France: Grand European Travel – Grand Tour de France

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John A. Miller
President, Grand European Travel

John Miller

As former president of Grand European Travel, John travels on the same selection of guided vacations and river cruises as GET's loyal guests. He was first inspired by travel at an early age, when his family moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Those first international impressions have stayed with him over the year. Most recently, John and his family toured Greece to celebrate his youngest son's college graduation. The time together was incredible and everyone had a wonderful experience.

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