The Best Free Travel Activities

The Best Free Travel Activities

This month we asked our Travel Specialists the following question: If you had to recommend free travel activities that would help travelers get the most out of their guided vacation, what would it be. See some of our staff’s best answers below.

Diane Anzalone,  Air Specialist/Group Manager

My husband and I always try to take advantage of free concerts while we are traveling. Free concerts give you the chance to experience local culture, art and music.

For example, on a recent visit to Bruges we had the opportunity to attend a free harp concert. We met the musician and learned about the different types of harps before he entertained us with beautiful music.

Local tourist offices or tour directors are a great way to find out about free concerts.

Rhonda Delameter, Lead Air

I would say visit the local markets. Unlike the US, most of the world is a market society. You can gain true insight into a culture by seeing how people shop and eat. Most cities and even small towns have daily or bi-weekly markets that sell food as well as crafts, housewares and even animals!

I can spend entire days exploring the markets of the world. It’s a joy to bargain with the vendors and to check out the baskets of the locals.

Elizabeth Gorda, Tour Coordinator

When visiting a city it might be difficult to take a photo of a certain scene at street level and capture everything that’s going on around you.

While there are often buildings such as New York’s Empire State Building that charge for incredible panoramic views , there are other structures that you could use for free to get that perfect shot of the hustle and bustle of city life.

I often use parking garages to get pictures of city parks, pedestrian crowded sidewalks and cityscapes. You can stop at different levels of the garage for different vantage points. Mid-level floors can even help with lighting on an especially sunny day or shield your camera from rain.

Which of these suggestions do you like the most? Do you have suggestions of free activities to do on tour? Let us know in the comments.

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