The Three Best Ancient Sites

The Three Best Ancient Sites

I recently asked our staff what their favorite ancient site is and what stood out about it. Read their answers below.

John Miller, President

Pompeii, Italy – this site is so accessible, yet also graphic and stirring. It was the visit to this site that fired my imagination about ancient civilizations and led to a series of trips to Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Peru along with a flood of books, movies, and conversations.

Rhonda, Lead Air

My top 3 in reverse order are:

3. Abu Simbel in Egypt. While not officially a ruin, it might have become one if not for the incredible efforts meant to move the temple to higher ground. Absolutely a fascinating story.

2. Ephesus in Turkey. Walking along the mosaic streets of this amazing city is breathtaking. The ability to create such gorgeous architecture and artwork thousands of years ago and have it still be somewhat visible today boggles the mind.

1. Without a doubt, my hands down winner is Angkor Wat. Everyone should be required to spend several steamy days wandering through these ruins. Even the “restored” temples have random corridor collapses and trees growing through the extraordinary carved murals. No safety zones or barricades here. The entire temple complex covers over 400 square km and you are welcome to climb on and explore every inch, pretending you’re Indiana Jones or Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider!

Jake Messimer, Business Development Manager

Not sure if this quite fits the definition of an “ancient” site but I really loved the Anasazi cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde in Colorado. The landscape itself is incredible and dramatic and the way the ruined buildings cling to the cliffs is amazing to see. It’s fun to explore the complex by climbing up and down wooden ladders.

How did we do? Which ruin did our team overlook? If you could visit any ruin, which would it be?

Cody Dollowitch

Cody has worked for Grand European Travel's marketing department since 2012. One of his favorite things about travel is trying new and unusual foods.

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