Top 5 food markets in Europe

Top 5 food markets in Europe

A visit to one of Europe’s bustling food markets is a great way to experience the local culture of your destination.

When I moved to Italy, visiting my town’s food market quickly became a favorite part of my weekly routine.  It was an opportunity to meet new people, practice my Italian, and learn about local produce and culinary traditions.  Now, whenever I travel to a new place I seek out a market where I can pick up a thing or two — whether it be some spices to take home, something to enjoy as a casual lunch in a nearby park, or an afternoon treat.

Here are five of my top picks for European markets — offering everything from seasonal ingredients to regional delicacies and artisan goods — that are worthwhile stops on your next vacation.

1.  Porta Palazzo

Turin, Italy

Turin’s Porta Palazzo Market, located in the city’s historic Piazza della Repubblica, is Europe’s largest open air market. With nearly 800 stalls, the outdoor market is surrounded by four covered markets as well as many restaurants and cafes – offering travelers the opportunity to sample Torinese delicacies while browsing locally-made products. You can visit Porta Palazzo while exploring the city of Turin on our Secrets of Italy guided vacation.

(Piazza della Repubblica, Turin)

2.  Les Halles

Lyon, France

Lyon’s Les Halles food market is a favorite among locals and Francophile travelers alike. The market is home to a number of food merchants – including bakers, butchers, fish mongers, chocolatiers and wine vendors. With 56 restaurants and stands to choose from, you’re sure to get an authentic taste of regional French gastronomy. Visit the market for lunch or a pastry on a luxury river cruise of Burgundy & Provence.

(102 Cours Lafayette, Lyon)

3.  La Bocqueria

Barcelona, Spain

Located along Barcelona’s bustling La Rambla Boulevard, the Boqueria food market originated as an open-air market for traders gathering from nearby towns. Today, the market features a culinary school, market stands, and food stalls serving inexpensive Spanish fare and international cuisine. Stop by the market as you explore Barcelona’s Rambla district for a refreshing cup of tropical fruit or a traditional bocadillo de jamón (cured ham sandwich). Meet a stallholder and sample some of his local produce on the 14-day Mediterranean Country Roads guided vacation.

(La Rambla 91;

4.  Rialto Market

Venice, Italy

Venice’s Rialto Market has a rich history dating all the way back to the end of the 11th century, when the market served as an important trade hub for Venetians and merchants. And while the market has become a favorite among travelers visiting the city, you can still experience an authentic taste of Venice with a selection of fresh produce, cheeses and baked goods – everything you need for an impromptu lunch along one of the city’s canals.  Explore the Rialto with a local specialist and on Great Italian Cities and Flavors of Italy.

(42 San Polo, Venice)

5.  Östermalms Saluhall

Stockholm, Sweden

This food hall in Sweden’s capital dates back to 1888 and features restaurants, cafés, and market stands offering up a variety of local specialties and international fare. Considered one of Europe’s’ best food markets among seasoned travelers, Östermalms is a great place to stop along your afternoon stroll for a buttery pastry or a steaming cup of fisksoppa, Sweden’s traditional fish soup. Explore the market on your visit to Stockholm during the 15-day Scenic Scandinavia & its Fjords guided vacation.

(Östermalmstorg 11439, Stockholm;

Have you visited any of these markets? Share your experiences or tell us about a favorite market of your own!

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