Our Top Travel Experiences to Share with Mom

Our Top Travel Experiences to Share with Mom

We’ve rounded up five extraordinary moments you’ll both remember forever. 

In 1949, President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May a holiday dedicated to America’s mothers. From there on, the tradition of cards, flowers, and brunch took off. But this year we encourage you to consider doing something extra special – planning a trip together that you’ll always remember. Here are our top five travel experiences that will show mom she means the world to you.

Ascend the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Whisk mom away to France for a once in a lifetime trip that will take her breath away. While you could take the time to climb the 1,710 stairs to the top, we recommend taking the lifts. Completed in 1889 and towering just over 1,000 feet tall, the Eiffel Tower offers unmatched vistas of the “City of Lights.” After taking in the view, treat yourselves to some delicious crêpes and a stroll along the Seine. Click here to explore our complete collection of guided tours to France.

Visit the Prado Museum in Madrid

As a child, you likely treated mom to a hand-drawn picture as a gift. Now that you’re all grown up, show her the remarkable art collection at Madrid’s Prado Museum. Offering one of Europe’s premier collections, here you’ll be able to show mom works by Fransisco de Goya, Peter Paul Rubens, and El Greco. You’ll stroll the halls of what is considered to be one of the finest art museums in the world taking in painting and sculptures dating as far back as the 12th century. Click here to view our Spain tours.

Sample wines in Tuscany

You may be the reason mom drinks, so why not treat her to world-famous vino as a treat? All kidding aside, wine is at its best in Italy. Travel to the rolling hills of Tuscany to treat mom to the product of what is considered by many to be the most perfect wine growing conditions in the world. Venture off along a cobbled dirt road on a day of vineyard tours and tastings to find your dream chardonnay or the perfect pinot. At the end of the day, there will be no shortage of perfect plates to accompany your wine, either. Tuscany is almost as famous for its robust and hearty Italian dishes as it is for the near-perfect wines that come from the region. For the foodie mom, Tuscany is the perfect treat. Don’t miss Country Roads of Umbria & Tuscany.

Shopping at Harrods

If mom is a shopper, then there is no better place to take her this year for Mother’s Day than to the largest department store in the world. Located in London, a Harrod’s shopping experience offers so much more than retail therapy, it’s a cultural experience in luxury! The shopping sanctuary spans five acres of space and offers 330 departments- that’s more than one million square feet! In business since 1824, Harrods offers everything from shoes and clothing to home furnishings and pet supplies. Sound interesting? Then be sure to check out London Explorer from Trafalgar, offering plenty of time at leisure for a Harrods shopping spree.

Learn to make paella in Spain

If mom is someone who likes learning new recipes, she’ll love mastering the art of Spanish paella. And there’s no better place to do it than the seaside town of Valencia, the birthplace of this iconic rice dish. Join a local chef to learn the secrets of the Spanish classic – washed down with a delicious glass of sangria, of course. Experience it for yourself on Highlights of Spain from Insight Vacations.

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