Can I use my Future Travel Credit on any vacation booked with GET?
Your Future Travel Credit is valid on any brand within The Travel Corporation (TTC) which includes Trafalgar, Costsaver, Insight, Luxury Gold and Uniworld Boutique River Cruises. Whatever your taste, whatever your pace, we have a travel style that will suit your needs and desires.

Do I need to use the full value of my FTC all at once? What happens if there is money left over after I apply my FTC? Can I only use my FTC on a tour? Can I use my FTC to bring other people with me on my next vacation?
Your Future Travel Credit can be used on any priced trip. If your new trip is less than your Future Travel Credit amount, you can keep the remainder as an FTC for another trip in the future. Or, you may add on airfare, pre- or post-night hotels or prepaid gratuities. Credits can also be used across multiple guests or bookings, so you can bring family or friends with you on your next trip.

Can I give/transfer my Future Travel Credit to someone else?
Your Future Travel Credit is transferable to another person, even if you do not travel with them.  If you would like to gift your FTC to another individual, please just send an email to with your booking number, the amount of your FTC you would like to transfer (if not all) and the name of the individual you would like to be the beneficiary of the funds.  If they do not have a booking yet, please just let us know and we will create one which will be their reference for their FTC.  Note: Trip Insurance is non-transferable.

Flexible Future Travel Credit & Arrangements

A world of options

Simply postpone
Rebook the same trip
at a later date

Change your trip
Rebook a different trip or
destination at a later date

Take a credit
Take a Future Travel Credit (FTC) valid
for use until December 31, 2022

FTC on different bookings
Use FTC on multiple trips, airfare, hotel nights or prepaid gratuities

Access our family of brands
Your FTC can used for vacations across the TTC family of brands

Total Flexibility

No immediate pressure
You don't need to lock in your destination or trip now – no pressure – you have time to plan and dream

Gift or transfer
You can transfer your FTC to a different name (family, friend, etc.) at no cost

Date flexibility
Future Travel Credits can be used for travel through 2022

Make changes
When you take a FTC, you can change the trip more than once

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