The Egyptian people are gregarious, friendly and always willing to help a traveler in need.

The official language in Egypt is Literary Arabic, used in most written documents. English is the most commonly used foreign language and most of the street plates are bilingual in Literary Arabic and English. There are a few street plates with French instead of English. French is also widely spoken and used in business and educated circles.

Egypt is predominantly Muslim with Muslims accounting for about 90% of the 80,000,000 person population.

Egypt society is conservative by nature and it is encouraged to respect local customs and sensitivity by dressing modestly. Being a Muslim society, women especially are encouraged to wear long skirts or loose fitting trousers and to cover their shoulders. In Cairo (and when visiting mosques) a head scarf may also be necessary; men should wear trousers and a shirt.

For a taste of Egyptian fare try a mezzeh – a selection of local salads, cheese, vine leaves and meat or Makhallal (tursho) spicy pickled vegetables. Or kebabs (chunks of lamb marinated in spices and grilled over charcoal) and hummus (chickpea dip). Although Egypts is a Muslim country alcohol is still available in selected restaurants. However, local wine is definitely an acquired taste. Kahwa (thick, strong coffee) and Shay bil na’na’ (mint tea) are very popular drinks. It is recommended that you only drink bottled mineral water.

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