Passports & Visas
All passengers require a machine-readable passport valid for six months beyond the conclusion of their trip, with appropriate visas. You should carry your passport with you at all times to ensure against its loss or theft in hotels. All passengers must check with the Egyptian Consulate to determine if any visas are needed. This information is a guide only and it is essential that you check all current passport and visa rules with your travel agent before departure.

The currency used is the Egyptian Pound (LE). It is divided into 100 piasters (1 Egyptian Pound = 100 pilasters). It is mainly a paper currency, but there are also 25, 50, 100(1 pound) piaster coins.

Voltage: 220 V; Plug C. You will need a voltage converter, and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit.

Internet Access
Fortunately, even the most rural parts of Egypt have some kind of internet access. Travelers with Wi-Fi capable laptops will have an easy road, with almost every hotel, café and public space offering internet access.

The country code is +20 (dialing in) and international access is 00 (dialing out). Public telephones are most commonly found in cigarette shops. If you make a local call from your hotel room, you may be charged several times the normal rate.


Papyrus paintings, jewelry, copperware, stone carvings, perfume oils in beautiful glass blown bottles. Stores are open 10am to 7pm (winter) and 10am to 8pm (summer).

In Egypt- after you receive a service you should offer a tip. Tipping, or the giving of a “Baksheesh” is an integral part of Egyptian culture.

Taxis, buses, and trains are all available to tourists looking for affordable ways to get around Egypt.

Egypt’s climate demands the coolest possible cotton clothing from May to September; a hat and sunglasses are essential.

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