Japanese are well known for their politeness. They greet each other with hugs and kisses, and often use effusive gestures when speaking. Food is an important part of their culture, and is offered as a sign of warmth and friendship.

Japanese is the main language spoken throughout Japan, however reading and writing in English is much better though. Many younger Japanese are able to understand a great deal of written English despite not being able to speak it.

Shinto and Buddhism are Japan’s two major religions. Other worldwide religions are also represented in smaller numbers.

The typical Japanese meal consists of a bowl of rice (gohan), a bowl of miso soup (miso shiru), pickled vegetables (tsukemono) and fish or meat. While rice is the staple food, several kinds of noodles (udon, soba and ramen) are cheap and very popular for light meals. As an island nation, the Japanese take great pride in their seafood. A wide variety of fish, squid, octopus, eel, and shellfish appear in all kinds of dishes from sushi to tempura.

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