Thailand is most well known for the spectacular collection of ruins, temples and deserted cities, reminiscent of past eras and rich in history. With nearly twenty percent of the country covered with monsoon forest or rainforest, there is plenty of nature to enjoy in Thailand. The lush scenery provides an abundance of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, and even a little peace and quiet outside of the cities. Bangkok, the capital city and largest metropolis in Thailand, is notorious for its chaotic atmosphere, but is equally as charming. Offering bustling local markets, shopping, palaces and river taxis, Bangkok truly has something for everyone's tastes. The energy provided here is something you won't find in any other Asian city. Thailand also offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Ko Samui, an island off the southeast coast, is still an untapped tourist resort, but growing more popular by the minute. And Phuket, the largest island, connected to the mainland by a bridge, has a distinct Chinese and Portugese influence, which it has retained, making the experience a little more unique.

Thailand has a tropical climate with pleasant weather much of the year. The rainy season is from July to October, but it rarely rains all day. November through mid-February is the cool season, and during the summer, mid-February through June, it can get hot. In southern Thailand it never really gets cold, though this area is subject to monsoons from May through October.

Thailand encompasses mountains, plains, plateaus, beaches, jungles, rivers and islands in an area about the size of France. Set in Southeast Asia, it borders Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Major Holidays & Events
Thailand traditionally celebrates:
January 6 - Epiphany
March 25 - Independence Day
March or April - Good Friday through Easter Monday
April or May - Orthodox Good Friday through Easter Monday
May 1 - Labor Day
August 15 - Assumption of the Virgin Mary
October 28 - Ochi Day
December 25 & 26 - Christmas & Boxing Day

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