As Scandinavia's coziest community, the land of the former Vikings is also one of the more civilized. Denmark's capital, the nautical town of Copenhagen, boasts the winter home of the Danish Monarchy - Amalienborg Palace - while promising picturesque shops and memorable strolls along the waterfront. The Christiansborg Palace in central Copenhagen, is the only building in the world that houses all three of a countries branches of government: the executive power, the legislative power, and the judicial power. 

The seas surrounding Denmark create a mild and pleasant climate that doesn't fluctuate extremely by the season nor from day to night. Warm, temperate summers are ideal for coastal pleasures. Strong gusty winds are common in Denmark, particularly in the wintertime when the days are rather short.

Some businesses close from October through April. The rest of the year brings a high season when many travelers come to soak up some warm rays on the beaches, cycle through the countryside or attend one of Denmark's many music festivals.

Part of Scandinavia in Northern Europe, Denmark is like a tall, shapely hat that Germany wears. Its mainland peninsula, referred to as Jutland, juts out into the North and Baltic Seas. Denmark also includes more than 400 islands - only 72 which are inhabited. The largest of these is Zealand, home to 40% of Denmark's population. Here you can visit Copenhagen, Denmark's stylish capital city. Bridges conveniently connect many of the larger islands.

Boasting so much sandy coastline, Denmark draws swimmers and surfers to its many beaches throughout the warmer months.

Major Holidays & Events
In addition to the customary holidays, Denmark traditionally celebrates:

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday - the Thursday and Friday before Easter Sunday, dates change by year
Easter Monday - the Monday after Easter Sunday, date changes by year
General Prayer Day - the fourth Friday after Easter, date changes by year
Ascension Day - 39 days after Easter, date changes by year
Pentecost - seven weeks after Easter, date changes by year
Whit Monday - seven weeks and one day after Easter, date changes by year
Second Day of Christmas - December 26

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