Depending on whether you're in a large metropolis or a small town, you'll find a variety of people. The residents of the towns and villages are always happy to help visitors. Sometimes in major cities, there's a rush to get where you need to go, but generally a smile will bring a like response.

English is the main language spoken throughout the U.K., but with some of the heavy accents, you might not recognize it! There are also many terms and phrases unique to British English.

Religious beliefs in the U.K. are predominately Christian, followed by Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism.

The British tend to be reserved and private, and may seem formal at first. A smile and a handshake are the customary forms of greeting.
Remember, "English" and "British" do not mean the same thing. A "British" person can be from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. "English" refers only to people from England. The others are "Scotch," "Welsh" and "Irish." Be careful not to call someone who is Welsh, Scotch, or Irish "English."

British cuisine varies widely across the countries. Tradition and hearty, it was once described as "unfussy," but now it encompasses flavors from the many outsiders who have made Britain their home. Fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, pasties and puddings (not the kind made by Jell-O) are still staples, but they have been joined by curries, Mediterranean dishes and the organic cuisine of the Slow Foods movement.

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