The desire to see Great Britain stretches back as far as American history. The country’s must-see sights range from London’s royal splendor to the spectacle of Edinburgh’s Military Tattoo. Unexpected pleasures, such as England’s lush gardens, the quaint, thatched-roof villages of the Cotswolds, Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, or the castles ruins of Wales also await. Wherever you travel in the UK, there are ample ways to explore English literature and thought. So whether your British taste leans toward a relaxing pint at a traditional English pub, or a spot of tea in London, let Grand European help with the right vacation packages.

England and Wales host all four seasons. The summer months are generally warm, spring and fall tend to be cooler, and winter brings colder weather and snow. There is a great chance of rain at any time during the year, but U.K. natives welcome this as part of their culture and invite you to do the same, so don't forget your umbrella.
Scotland, located in the northernmost part of the U.K., is much cooler than the rest of Britain. Plan on bringing warmer clothing on matter the season you are traveling. The best time to visit is during the summer months of June to August, when the days are usually long, warm, and there are plenty of activities to take part in.
In Northern Ireland there are no major changes between seasons. The temperature averages between 40 and 50F, with summers hovering around a comfortable 60 to 70F. But be prepared for rain whenever you travel. The best season to visit is late March to early October.

England is mainly lowland terrain, with low hills and forests. The more mountainous regions are in the northwest, where the spectacular Lake District is found.    

Wales is a mountainous country, with grand peaks dominating the landscape, particularly in the northern and middle sections.

Scotland boasts the famous Highlands in the north and lowlands in the south, with rolling moors and valleys.

Northern Ireland is home to the largest lake in the U.K., Lough Neagh, the unusual Giant's Causeway, an attractive coastline and the rugged Mourne Mountains.

Major Holidays & Events
Every city, town and hamlet in the U.K. has its own festivals and traditions - there are far too many to list here. In addition to the customary holidays, bank holidays and Boxing Day, the U.K. celebrates the Queen's Birthday, Burns' Night, St. Dwynwen's Day, the Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival, the Jorvik Viking Festival, Collop Monday, Crufts Dog Show, May Day, the Henley Royal Regatta, Orange Men's Day, St. Swithun's Day, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Glenn Miller Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, the Great River Race, Guy Fawkes Night and, believe it or don't, many more!

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