Hungary, centrally located in the heart of Europe, welcomes travelers to its Baroque towns, rustic villages, and lake town resorts, making it an ideal destination on a jaunt around Eastern Europe. Budapest, known for the art museums, cafe's and music scene, hosts numerous cultural and sporting festivals.Outside the city, visitors can find wildlife, flatlands and even a touch of pampering at a Hungarian Spa, some of the finest in the world. For those interested in a more savory experience, visitors should sample its selection of quality wines while dining on goulash.

Hungary has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons from a very warm summer to a very cold winter. Summer is from June to August, it can get as hot as the 90s. In the winter, temperatures can drop as low as the 20s. Spring and autumn are milder. The annual rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Set in Central Europe, Hungary borders Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Slovenia. Encompassing hills, mountains, great plains, lowlands, rivers and lakes, its bucolic landscapes are delightfully enchanting. The Danube and the Tisza Rivers rush through the country, flowing to the Black Sea and the Danube. Lake Balaton in west-central Hungary is often called the "Hungarian Sea."

Major Holidays & Events
In addition to the customary holidays, Hungary traditionally celebrates:
March 15 - Anniversary of 1848 uprising against Austrian rule
March or April - Easter and Easter Monday
May 1 - Labor Day
May or June - Whit Monday
August 20 - St. Stephen's Day
during October - National Day
November 1 - All Saints' Day
December 25 & 26 - Christmas & Boxing Day

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