The locals have a colorful sense of humor, illuminating your trip with laughter and memories every step of the way. They're always ready to help with directions, advice on shopping or dining, or just a friendly word and a smile.

English is the main language spoken throughout Ireland, however there are still pockets of Gaelic-speaking people.

The majority of the Irish are Catholic, with other Christian religions following. Different worldwide religions are also represented in smaller numbers.

The Irish are famous for their folklore, superstitions and blessings. Keep your eyes open for four-leaf clovers, leprechauns and fairies!
If someone says "Top of the morning" to you, reply with "and the rest of the day yourself."

Ireland's cuisine is very traditional and hearty, ensuring every meal is satisfying and delicious. The home-style, comfort foods of Ireland include Irish stew, boxty, coddle, soda bread, bangers, and tea. And don't pass up the chance to sip a warming Irish coffee. Ireland is also the birthplace of Guinness beer and several excellent whiskies.

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