An island nation marked by sheer cliffs, high seas and hearty beverages, Ireland is spellbinding. From Killarney in the south, to Belfast in Northern Ireland, the charms of this island nation are numerous indeed. Ireland’s a land of country lanes curving in and out of medieval ruins and castles. A storied history and the Irish love of life all come through in Grand European Travel’s guided tours. The beauty of Ireland never ends, from rolling green countryside’s to Waterford’s exceptional crystal creations and Dublin’s cultural charms and cozy pubs. When Ireland calls, you’ll want to answer with one of the Grand European Travel vacation packages.

In Ireland there are no major changes between seasons. The temperature averages between 40 and 50F, with summers hovering around a comfortable 60 to 70F. Be prepared, however, for the looming chance of the rain showers responsible for Ireland's rolling green hills and blue rivers. The best season to travel to this beautiful country is late March to early October. If you journey to Ireland during late summer for the traditional holiday months, you may find that the ocean water is warm and relaxing, and even a bit exciting as you swim with some of the local jellyfish!

An island country, Ireland is surrounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by the Celtic Sea, on the east by the Irish Sea and on the north by the North Channel. The interior lowlands are bounded by coastal mountains and cliffs. Rivers crisscross the country and there are a number of beautiful lakes. Its most unique geographical features are the Cliffs of Moher, standing against the Atlantic's pounding waves, and the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, a series of basalt columns stretching into the North Channel.

Major Holidays & Events
In addition to the customary holidays, Ireland holds many music and arts festivals during the year. The country traditionally celebrates:
March 17 - St. Patrick's Day
June-July - Live at the Marquee
July - Galway Arts Festival, Oxegen
August-September - Electric Picnic
September - National Ploughing Championships

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