Perched on the Baltic Sea between Estonia and Lithuania, a small part of this country is actually below sea level. Latvia is known as the small, flat and largely boggy of the three. It has a lot to offer with the lively coastal capital, coastal resorts of Jurmala, the Sigulda castles overlooking the scenic Gauja river valley and the palace at Rundale, the architectural highlight designed by 18th century baroque mastermind Bartolomeo Rastrelli. About one third of 'Latvians' are actually Russian even in the capital city of Riga.

Latvia has a temperate climate. Summer is warm with relatively mild weather in Spring and Autumn. Winter runs from November to March and it is cold- expect snow. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year with the heaviest rainfall in August. In summer light to medium weight clothing is worn and in winter medium to heavy weights. A raincoat is necessary throughout the year.

Latvia lies on the eastrn shores of the Baltic Sea between Estonia and Lithuania. Most of the country is composed of fertile, low-lying plains, with some hills in the east.

Major Holidays & Events
New Year’s Day – 1 January
Good Friday – April
Easter Monday – April
May Day – 1 May
Ligo Day – 23 June
St John’s Day (Summer Solstice) – 24 June
National Day (Proclamation of the Republic) – 18 November
Christmas (Winter Solstice) – 25 to 26 December
New Year’s Eve – 31 December

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