Luxembourg may be small in size, but it is a country of considerable economic power – it should not be thought of as part of Belgium, France, or Germany. It is a very friendly country, and while locals like to use their foreign language skills, they are also delighted when visitors use the local dialect for phrases of greeting and thanks. Over a third of the locals are immigrants, mostly Italian and Portuguese.

Luxembourgish is the national language of Luxembourg and one of three administrative languages, alongside French and German.

The majority of the people are Roman Catholic, although Article 19 of the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The church's strong influence on the culture is reflected in the national holidays, many of which are religious observances.

Greetings are reserved and formal until a relationship has been established. Table manners are formal in Luxembourg .The most common greeting is a brief handshake. Although friendly and informal with close friends and family, Luxembourgers are often reserved and formal when dealing with outsiders. . They are private people and do not put their possessions or emotions on display.

Many describe the country’s cuisine as a blend of French finesse and German heartiness. Excellent crayfish, pike, and trout comes courtesy of the Grand Duchy River and is available in moderately priced restaurants. Local dishes include Judd matt Gaardebounen (smokes collar of pork with broad beans), and Friture de la Moselle (small deep fried river fish). Other specialties include Treiben (black pudding), and sausages served with mashed potatoes and horseradish, and delicious Ardennes ham. Frites (the local version of French fried potatoes) can be found everywhere and look out for rou tou tou, and unusual vegetable dish made from potatoes and onions. Local cheese or perhaps a pastry such as Tarte Aux Quetsches, which is made with small plums is often offered as desert. Locally produced Mosel wines come recommended as do local beers (Diekirch, Mousel, or Bofferding), which are brewed without the use of chemical additives. Tap water is safe to drink.

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