Passports & Visas
All passengers require a machine-readable passport valid for six months beyond the conclusion of their trip, with appropriate visas. You should carry your passport with you at all times to ensure against its loss or theft in hotels. U.S. citizens do not need a visa for Italy. All other passport holders must check with the Monacan Consulate to determine if any visas are needed. This information is a guide only and it is essential that you check all current passport and visa rules with your travel agent before departure.

The currency used in Monaco is the Euro.

Monaco has 230 V at 50 Hz, with a type C and F socket. America's electrical currents are 120 V at 60 Hz, with a type A or B socket, so you'll need a converter and an adapter.

Internet Access
Internet access is widely available in Monaco with the majority of Hotels, cafes and public spaces offering Wi-Fi.

The country code is +377 (dialing in) and international access 00 (dialing out). 

Luxury goods are widely available in Monaco’s large jewelers, art galleries and boutiques. The main shopping precinct is near the Place du Casino or for more reasonably priced items try Boulevard de Moulins.

Generally, service at hotels and restaurants is included in the bill, but you may wish to tip extra for special service.

Monaco, like most European countries is easily traversed on foot, but also boasts an excellent and inexpensive bus system.

Light clothing can be worn from spring to autumn. Monaco has a dress code and appropriate clothing must be worn in public areas. Jackets and ties should be worn by men in the casinos.


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