Foreign visitors consider Romanians among the friendliest and most hospitable people on earth. Romanians are by nature fun loving, warm, hospitable, playful, with an innate sense of humor.

Romanian, a Latin based language which is a continuation of the Latin spoken in ancient times in Dacia and Moesia — the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. A 31-letter Latin alphabet is in use.

Eastern Orthodox 78%
Greek Catholic 10%
Roman Catholic 5%
Protestant 5%
Unitarian, Jewish, other 2%

Handshaking is the most common form of greeting, but it is customary for men to kiss a woman’s hand when being introduced. Visitors should follow normal European courtesies on social occasions.

The Romanians excel in full-blooded soups, some of the best being cream of mushroom, chicken, beef, vegetable and bean soup. Other national specialties include tocana (pork, beef, or mutton stew seasoned with onions and served with mamalgia), Moldavian parjoale (flat meat patties, highly spiced and served with garnishes), and patricieni (charcoal-grilled sausages similar to frankfurters). Fish dishes include nisetru la gratar (grilled Black Sea sturgeon), and scrumbii la gratar (grilled herring). Vegetarians may struggle to find suitable options. Desserts include moldavian cozonac (brioche) and pasca (a sweet cheesecake). A traditional drink with entrees is tuica (plum brandy). Romanian wines have won international prizes, and Romanian beers are excellent. Romanian sparkling wines, or methode champagne, are very good and superb value. Gluhwein (mulled wine) is another popular Romanian drink. Tap water is normally chlorinated, and while relatively safe to drink, may cause upset stomachs.

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