Slovakia has been successful in redefining itself as a strong and independent country capable of attracting visitors. The capital, Bratislava, is quite cultural, offering many museums and art galleries mixed with a rich history. Many of the popular activities in Slovakia have an outdoor flavor - namely hiking, cycling and rafting. Slovak locals are known to be extremely warm, friendly people prepared to go out of their way to help visitors enjoy their country.

Slovakia welcomes its guests with a generally mild and temperate climate with sunny hot summers and cold, cloudy, humid and snowy winters. The climate is continental with four seasons. Generally it is warmer in the southern regions. The Northern regions, especially the mountainous areas have a colder climate and snow is common in the winter.

Slovakia has natural beauty, vivid history and great opportunities for relaxation; and due to its small size it is quite easy to combine all three. Much of the central and northern part of Slovakia is rugged and mountainous. The Tatra Moutains in the north are interspersed with many scenic lakes and valleys. The lowlands in the south enjoy a much more fertile soil and are more agricultural. Slovakia has nine national parks, which cover a relatively big portion of the country and feature the tallest part of the Carpathian Mountain Range, the High Tatras.

Major Holidays & Events
In addition to the customary holidays, Slovenia traditionally celebrates:
Slovak Republik Day – January 1st
Ephiphany – January 6th
Mardi Gras period – January 6th until Ash Wednesday (February or March)
Good Friday and Easter Monday – in March or April
International Labour Day – May 1
Day of Victory over Fascism – May 8
International Children’s Day – June 1
St. Cyril and Methodius Day – July 5
Slovak National Uprising Memorial Day – August 29
Constitution Day – September 1
Day of Blessed Virgin Mary – September 15
Vinobranie – (wine harvest festival) – October
All Saints Day – November 1
Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day – November 17
St. Nicolaus Day – December 6
Feast of St. Lucy – December 13
Christmas – Along with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day: December 24-26
Silvester – December 31

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