The Slovenian culture centers around the family; even the extended family. Home is truly where the heart is for people here. Away from work, people find great pleasure in gardening and otherwise tending to their homes.

Rather formal, the Slovenes (also called Slovenians), are known for adapting their behavior and communication style to fit the situation and the company at hand. Soft-spoken, modest and well-mannered -- these are qualities they hone in themselves and admire in others.
Slovenes are highly creative with a passion for expression that is often passed down through generations, whether in art, music, writing, dance, theater or culinary skills. The welcoming people of Slovenia have a generous spirit that adds an extra layer of charm to exploring their country.

Slovene is the main language spoken throughout the country. English is understood on a level that compares with Slovenia's neighboring European countries. The younger generation is especially proficient. Other languages you'll hear are Serbo-Croatian, Italian, Hungarian and, in the eastern parts of the country, German.

The majority of the Slovenia population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. Other worldwide religions are also represented in smaller numbers.

People in Slovenia take immense pride in their home and its surroundings. Tidy gardens outside and flower arrangements inside are two examples of the joy they derive from being home and making it a beautiful and comfortable place to spend time with family.

Festivals, theater and concerts are popular traditions in artful Slovenia, where these frequent events are appreciated and well-attended.
Sentimental Slovenes have a soft spot for their heritage and cultural history, from traditional costumes and the art of beekeeping to the traditional racks for drying hay and other field crops (called a "kozolec") that can been seen across Slovenia.

Easter is an especially important holiday in Slovenia and its traditions are many!

Cooking is not simply means to an end in Slovenia. Slovenes love to cook, love to eat and love to savor a good meal, whether at a restaurant or café with friends or cozy at home with family.

While it's true that you can taste the flavors of Slovenia's bordering countries in its cuisine, Slovenia's own ingredient combinations, dishes and culinary traditions are serious business -- and quite delicious!

During your travels, be sure to experience the regional specialties that have been cultivated by local chefs and perfected in their modern recipes. Flour, buckwheat or barley, dairy products, meat (especially pork and sausage), fish, potatoes, dumplings, cabbage, olives and grapes all rotate through traditional staples of Slovenian cooking. Some prized ingredients are unique to specific areas, such as white truffles from the Slovenian Istria and cherries from the region Goriška brda.

Culinary influences across Slovenia reflect Mediterranean, Alpine and Eastern European menus. Strudel and wiener schnitzel from Austria, risotto, pizza and pasta from Italy, and classic Hungarian goulash have all found their way into the Slovenes' palettes over time.

If you're visiting during a celebration, seek out the signature holiday cake of Slovenia. Known as potica, it's carefully rolled up on festive occasions to showcase a special blend of fillings inside. People in Slovenia are also adept wine-makers… cheers!

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