While Switzerland itself is landlocked, Grand European Travel’s guided tours open the door to this Alpine country. Amid lush meadows with vast carpets of wildflowers, travelers answer the alphorns’ call. Blue lakes blend with clean, orderly cities. Zurich, a lakeside city, never disappoints with its delicious chocolates and laid-back sightseeing. Shoppers seek the boutiques in the resort town of St. Moritz; others ride a cable car to the top of a peak for panoramic views. Each of our guided Swiss Tours are designed to show off the best of Switzerland, from the stone-built villages, to ice-capped mountains and the ever vigilant Lion Monument in Lucerne, perpetually honoring the Swiss Guard.

Check the forecast before heading to Switzerland! The Swiss climate can vary greatly depending on time of year and the part of the country you visit. The snow-topped mountains might have glacial conditions while the southern parts are experiencing mild and temperate Mediterranean weather. Generally winters are cold and cloudy with snow or rain. Summers tend to be pleasantly warm and humid.

Switzerland is friendly neighbors with France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany. The country's unique identity -- so evident in regional Swiss culture -- represents the national languages and other significant aspects of each one.

The Swiss Alps in the south and east and the smaller Jura Mountains in the northwest surround the Swiss Plateau, where most of the population resides. Of Switzerland's many sky-touching mountain peaks, the Matterhorn is likely the most famous, though Monte Rosa is the highest, towering more than 15,000 feet.

While Switzerland doesn't have its own coastline, travelers appreciate its many lakes, from tiny mountain lakes to the seasonal recreation on expansive Lake Geneva.

Major Holidays & Events
In addition to the customary holidays, Switzerland traditionally celebrates:
Good Friday and Easter Monday - dates change by year
Ascension Day - 39 days after Easter
Whit Monday - 50 days after Easter
Swiss National Day - August 1
St. Stephen's Day/Boxing Day - December 26

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