The people of Argentina are a mix of Native American and European. Museums, theatres, galleries, restaurants and bars abound in the main cities, with Buenos Aires one of the world's great live theatre capitals. There is also a tradition of tea drinking. The local favorite is yerba maté, served in gourd cups with a strainer-straw used to sip the strong liquid.

In Argentina, the official language is Spanish, though you will also hear English, Italian, German and French.

Most of the population of Argentina is Catholic. Other religions are also represented in smaller numbers.

Argentina's traditional horsemen, gauchos, and the seductive Tango are important parts of the country's culture from days of old. Today, soccer has been added as another symbol of her cultural identity. Food is also significant to the Argentines, and social gatherings are often centered around a meal, particularly the asado, or Argentine barbecue.

Argentine cooks use the fresh local beef and produce, with the asado, or Argentine barbecue, a national favorite. The cuisine also blends Mediterranean influences with more traditional cooking styles. And as the fifth largest wine-producing country in the world, you'll want to be sure to sample the fine varietals and blends.

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