Every Insight journey provides dining experiences that really connect you to the heart and soul of each destination. Insights’ deliciously varied menu of dining choices perfectly complement each well-planned day of your vacation. There are so many ways to celebrate the camaraderie, fun and lasting friendships that are part of every Insight Vacations journey.

Welcome Dinner
How better to start your Insight vacation than by sitting down to a leisurely dinner with your fellow guests and Travel Director? It’s your chance to mingle, make friends, and learn more about the journey ahead of you.

An experience designed to present a delicious dilemma: a selection of excellent restaurants, recommended by your Travel Director, where you and a smaller group of companions can enjoy authentic local cuisine in an intimate setting.

Cooking Demonstration
A fun, interactive way to learn more about local cuisines. You won’t just watch as an expert chef shares how delicious regional specialties are made, you’ll also be able to join in the cooking - and, of course, sample the finished dish.

Highlight Dinners
A chance to hit new gastronomic heights, eating truly outstanding food at acclaimed restaurants. Music, a show, or another form of entertainment may very well be on the à la carte menu, too.

Country Roads journeys – plus a few others – will now feature a meal showcasing the best and freshest agricultural produce of the region, very often including a chance for guests to meet the local farmers and growers.

Celebration Dinner
On the final night of your journey, we guarantee a meal to remember. Wherever you are, we’ll find a truly special restaurant for a celebratory farewell to your traveling companions and friends; very often the best, most highly-rated restaurant of the trip.

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