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Make Travel Matter

By supporting people, wildlife & the planet for generations to come

The TreadRight Foundation was born out of the Tollman family’s commitment to giving back. Ever since Beatrice and Stanley Tollman began building their family business at a humble hotel and restaurant in South Africa, they have believed in the importance of helping to support the community and cultures around them. 
tollman family in south africa

As a proud member of The Travel Corporation, we have always strongly believed that travel and tourism companies play a vital role in protecting the world’s natural habitats, cultural heritage sites and communities both where we live and where we travel.  A decade ago, The Travel Corporation created The TreadRight Foundation and started a Social Responsibility journey to ensure that the places we live in, the communities we visit, and the planet we love remain vibrant for generations to come.

For every vacation booked with Grand European Travel, we contribute directly to TreadRight, supporting communities and cultures around the world.