The Wildlife Initiative

As part of its continuing dedication to sustainability efforts, TreadRight, with support from Grand European Travel, launched The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative. The Wildlife Initiative, delivered in partnership with WildAid and The Wilderness Foundation SA, is dedicated to helping stop wildlife crime.

The consumption of wildlife products such as shark fin, ivory and rhino horn devastates the wild populations of these species. The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative supports leading organizations whose collective efforts help to cover the entire chain of the illegal wildlife trade.

Wilderness Foundation SA - Protecting South African Rhinos

The Wilderness Foundation supports conservation agencies and organized private game reserves in protecting their rhino as part of a functioning natural ecosystem. It also aims to focus the attention of politicians and decision-makers and encourage them to apply pressure both nationally and abroad to address the issue of illegal trade in rhino horn and other wildlife products.

The TreadRight Foundation helped fund the purchase of a Bat Hawk aircraft used for rhino anti-poaching operations as well as supporting general wildlife crime countermeasures through the Wildlife Operations Group coordinated by the Wilderness Foundation.

Additionally, The TreadRight Foundation is supporting the Wilderness Foundation by assisting to fund the purchase of equipment for reservations with rhinos, intelligence and police support for specialized wildlife crime units investigating rhino poaching cases, and emergency helicopter response for hot pursuit operations and to deploy vets when rhinos are wounded.

WildAid WildLife Initiative

TreadRight’s support of WildAid allows them to further their mission to reduce the demand for illegal wildlife products through high-impact, culturally sensitive multimedia public awareness campaigns using an unrivaled portfolio of celebrity ambassadors and a global network of media partners, reaching one billion people every week.

WildAid focuses on reducing the demand for endangered species products by specifically targeting consumers with engaging public service announcements and education initiatives. The 'Conservation through Communication' program is currently focused on Asia, where demand for these products, Rhino horn in particular, is highest. The project is a three year campaign that includes outreach in Southeast Asia, China and South Africa.

Using sophisticated, culturally-appropriate and compelling 30-second Public Service Announcements featuring more than 100 of Asia’s biggest stars and world-class athletes, WildAid seeks to deliver the message: When the buying stops, the killing can too.  WildAid’s campaign to reduce the demand for shark fin soup in China over the past eight years has resulted in a 50-70% reduction in consumption as estimated by media reports.

WildAid’s goal is to use existing methodology, networks, and contacts from its shark fin campaign to raise awareness in Vietnam and China of the rhino-poaching crisis; support Vietnamese lawmakers in banning rhino horn sales and increased enforcement efforts there and in China; and measurably reduce demand for rhino horn in Vietnam and China.

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