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Best of Morocco

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Independent Reviews
Monday, September 10, 2018
When I bought the tour to Morocco I chose to share a single room expecting I was going to assigned a normal person with whom I would had the opportunity of sharing good moments, not a Self-neglected person as a roommate, her clothes were filthy, torn not suited for the trip, dirty hair, nails and smelled urine. She refused to take a shower. The next day I brought the situation to the tour director but his answer was: this is your responsibility, you chose to share a single room. I was in disbelieved that a tour director of 22 years of experience was blaming me for my unfortunate situation instead of finding a solution. After back and for with him, he agreed to talk to the manager of the hotels we were staying and get me a single room paying an additional fee. For the remaining of the trip he made me feel like he was doing me a favor every time we arrived to the next hotel we stayed not supporting me. I was very disappointed the way TRAFALGAR handled my unique situation. Trafalgar should have a way to or adopt a way to guarantee to travelers that situations like mine don’t arise or perhaps shouldn’t offer the option of sharing single rooms.
Response from Grand European Travel:
We are sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. The Room Share program is designed to help single travelers avoid paying the higher single supplement rates but there can be a personality conflict with the person you room with. We will be sharing this information with Trafalgar and hope they can review this process and make necessary improvements. Thank you for brining this to our attention
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Hotels were 3 stars, not 5 stars as were listed in the offer. Optional experiences were overpriced. Itineraries were very long some days, 8 hours bus rides were very tiresome Some cities the highlights were ignored. for instance in Casablanca the visit to Hassan II mosque was not included. As a suggestion it should be included in the regular itinerary
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