With Uniworld, Every Meal is a Masterpiece

Locally Sourced Ingredients
Farm-to-table isn’t just a trendy culinary buzzword for Uniworld. It’s a governing philosophy and commitment to serving you the very best dishes created by master chefs.

Over the years, their chefs have built up some unbreakable relationships with a range of local suppliers who deliver deliciously fresh produce directly to the ships. Their chefs even venture out to local food markets to procure some of the most unique and mouth-watering ingredients they can get their hands on.

Creative Culinary Options
Uniworld’s fantastic caters to each guest's specific needs, including dietary restrictions, cooking preferences and simpler preparations. For those interested in healthier dining options, the Traveling Lite menu features all of the flavor of the traditional menu, but with fewer calories. Uniworld also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, prepared just for you. If you have a specific meal preference, just ask and your request will be accommodated.

Raise a Top-Shelf Toast
Local wines bottled just miles from your ship, top-shelf branded spirits like Grey Goose vodka and Tanqueray gin at any time of day and a range of unique local beers – every bar on your ship is bursting with a wide selection of complimentary beverages. And it’s all included. When it comes to dining, their onboard Sommeliers makes every culinary experience even more interesting, offering advice for wine pairings with particular dishes.

Superior Breakfast Buffets
Uniworld’s breakfast buffets feature a plethora of options to suit every palate and dietary preference. Perhaps you'll want to begin your day with something light, so enjoy a smoothie, an assortment of freshly squeezed juices or a variety of yogurts, cereals, granola, and muesli. If you prefer a full breakfast, choices include eggs and omelets made to order and waffles and pancakes with whipped cream, berries and other toppings. Plus, buffets also offer a range of pastries baked onboard, and croissants and other breads, served with fine preserves and local butter.

Lunch Served Your Way
Lunch selections present the perfect options, whether you want a light meal for a busy day or a complete dining experience reflecting the local culture and cuisine. Selections include seasonal vegetables and market vegetables, artisanal cheeses, soups, carved-to-order meats and handmade pastas.

Sublime Dinners
After an active day, relax and enjoy dinner onboard with open seating and a smart-casual dress code. Uniworld’s multi-course menu offers a choice of appetizers, soups and salads, entrees and decadent desserts. Selections include prime cut meats, sustainably sourced seafood and market-fresh vegetables.

For guest wishing a lighter meal or other personal preferences, try the Alternative Choice dishes of simply prepared items. Many choices on the menus are also vegetarian-friendly. Conclude your meal with a wide range of decadent desserts that include homemade Honeycomb ice cream, Valrhona Chocolate Delight, Crème Brulee, or an artisanal cheese platter with fresh fruit. 

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