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Our Picks for History Buffs

We’ve gathered the best experiences for anyone who enjoys walking in the footsteps of the past. If you want to explore iconic landmarks and reflect at poignant memorials, then visiting these historic destinations is the perfect choice. Whether you’re discovering the heritage of a bygone culture, or admiring the enigmatic architecture of an ancient civilization, your vacation is sure to be educational, compelling, and unforgettable on any trip in this collection.

Versailles, Paris
First Class

The Treasures of France including Normandy

8 Days from $2,108


Visit Joan of Arc's Rouen, the D-Day Landing Beaches of Omaha, Mont-Saint-Michel, and see the Bayeux Tapestry. 

Normandy Landing Beach
First Class

WWI & WWII Battlefields

12 Days from $2,966


Take a sobering journey through the battlefields, cemeteries and museums that commemorate these infamous world wars.

Yellowstone geyser
Family Friendly

Wild West, Cowboys & Buffalos

9 Days from $2,475


Stay at an authentic 1800s homestead, cross the Oregon Trail and experience cowboy culture at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Yangtze river and three gorges dam
Boutique River Cruises

Highlights of China and the Yangtze

11 Days from $5,499


See China's first capital and Xi'an's terra-cotta army - one of the most extraordinary archaeological finds of the 20th century. 

salamanca cathedral and town

Amazing Spain & Portugal

9 Days from $2,156


Explore the magnificent Alhambra Palace, built by the Moors in the 13th century, and see the final resting place of Christopher Columbus.

Hanging sari fabric
Boutique River Cruises

India's Golden Triangle and the Sacred Ganges

13 Days from $7,199


Admire the stunning Taj Mahal, see an ancient observatory in Jaipur, and visit the home of Mother Teresa in Kolkata.


Glories of Greece

7 Days from $2,150


Discover a world of antiquities when you visit the iconic Acropolis, Temple of Apollo at Delphi, mythical Olympia, and the pinnacles of Meteora.

Prague, Czech Republic
Family Friendly

Delightful Danube and Prague

10 Days from $3,699

Cruise past medieval castles and towns, visit Baroque Melk Abbey, and see significant WWII sites, including the Nuremberg Trials Memorial and Courtroom 600. 

Rhine River Valley
Boutique River Cruises

Castles Along the Rhine

8 Days from $2,999


Marvel at medieval castles, graceful cathedrals, and Roman relics, as you visit Cologne, Strasbourg, and Colmar to try Alsatian wine.


Wonders of Egypt

9 Days from $2,825


Visit the world-famous Egyptian Museum and Citadel, see the pyramids of Giza, Temple of Horus and huge Aswan Dam.

Baroque Cathedral, Cusco
First Class

Land of the Incas

12 Days from $4,216


Explore the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu, visit 13th century Incan settlements, and fly above the ancient, enigmatic Nazca Lines.

First Class

Best of Britain

14 Days from $3,058


Learn about the Benedictine Monks at Buckfast Abbey, visit mysterious Stonehenge, and explore Glasgow's shipbuilding industry. 

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