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Revenge Travel Post Covid

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The term "revenge travel" is starting to trend in the industry, referring to the projected boom travel sellers expect to see once the pandemic is safely behind us and border restrictions are lifted. The term refers to the notion that people whose travel plans in 2020 were canceled or delayed will take to the skies with a vengeance once they can.

Remember that incredible family vacation you had planned for spring break 2020? Remember how Covid-19 fears made you shelve that trip “until further notice”?

Well, some people are harnessing all that pent-up vacation energy and considering epic travel plans. Some are calling it “Revenge Travel.”

In a nutshell, revenge travel is taking extra trips or splurging more than you ordinarily would, all because you’ve been deprived of travel for so long.

Have a Contingency Plan

If your revenge travel is of the “go big or go home” variety, make sure you’ve done your research and have contingency plans in place. When you’re planning a bigger, more extravagant vacation than normal, you’ll want to make sure the logistics are rock solid. You can take advantage of airline change policies right now by planning a backup should your first choice start to look less attractive as your travel dates approach. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with attractions opening and closing times, as some destinations have modified schedules and procedures to help keep people safe.

Get Help From Others

Once you’ve booked a flight or two, you’ll want to know that someone has your back. At Qtrip, you’re assigned a personal travel advisor to help you if any problems should come up, before you leave or during travel. It’s a little bit of extra confidence you can count on from us when traveling in 2020.

Is revenge travel in your future? Where are you planning to go?

Purposeful travel, another new term referring to a desire on the part of travelers for authentic experiences abroad, is another predicted trend. The radical upheavals in our lifestyles brought on by the pandemic and the introspection that ensued for many of us are expected to strengthen this trend, which had already been gaining traction in the past few years.

Opportunities to visit schools and support local communities, some of which OAT offers via the Grand Circle Foundation -- which supports communities in which Grand Circle works and travels -- are expected to be high on travelers' wish lists.

Slow travel, vacations that travelers can experience at their own pace, is another trend that OAT predicts will gain in popularity in the post-pandemic world. After all, most of us aren't rushing around these days, and the slower pace, while tough to adjust to, has its rewards and may be just as hard to shed going forward.

Show guests what you’re doing to keep them safe
With COVID-19 fresh in everyone’s mind, increased hygiene measures will be high on travellers’ priority lists. To show guests that you’re taking this seriously, tell them what you’re doing to create a sanitary environment.

Advertise your staff training on keeping the hotel clean and safe, share how often areas are cleaned and use PSAs to encourage guests and staff to follow handwashing guidelines. This information should be on your website, social media and be communicated in pre-arrival emails, so guests feel comfortable every step of the way.

2. Offer services built around staying safe and healthy
Since people will be more concerned about their health than ever, they will be interested in services and products to help them stay safe and healthy, even if some of them come at an extra fee.

Room service breakfast, for example, is extra attractive now since it offers the chance to avoid crowds at the buffet. A paid upgrade to this service could boost F&B revenues and give guests an option they are more comfortable with.

In the rooms, masks, and hand sanitizer could become part of your amenity set. Alternatively, they can be offered as a paid add-on to generate ancillary revenue.

Services like airport transfers in sanitized cars are another way to combine an opportunity to make guests feel at ease with generating additional revenue at the same time.

3. Create an amazing experience


Each of these experiences is completely unique to these journeys

Did you know that the tourism industry supports empowering women all around the world? From community initiatives to small enterprises, collectives, and local businesses, tourism offers women opportunities for economic advancement and self-sustainability. It also connects people all over the world with unique experiences that show us the perspectives of different cultures.

Venice & The Croatian Coast Make Travel Matter Experiences

AR Studio Gruda

AR Studio, Gruda​

In the heart of the Konavle region, meet Antonia Rusković Radonić, a dedicated artist working to preserve the local silk and embroidery traditions originating in the 15th century. Learn how silkworms became popular here, the relevance of the craft in the 21st century, and the efforts made to keep this heritage alive. Antonia’s work in reviving silk production and teaching traditional embroidery techniques helps to maintain a large part of Konvale’s culture, including the preservation of traditional folk costumes.


Fonda Fish Farm, Piran ​

Meet Irena Fonda, a passionate and awarded biologist carrying out important conservation work in the Gulf of Piran. Join her on a short boat ride to see her family’s fish farm and learn about their journey breeding sustainable Piran sea bass of the highest quality. Through their sustainable practices and monitoring work, the Fonda family plays a significant role in the protection of the indigenous marine life in the Gulf of Piran. ​

Desa Centre Dubrovnik​

Desa Centre, Dubrovnik​

Visit the workshop of Deša, an organization founded following the Siege of Dubrovnik to help refugees and women who were victims of violence. They have grown to be an important educational center, workshop, and an advocate for women’s rights. Through its meaningful work, Deša continues to act as a safe space for women to support one another, provides training opportunities, and sponsors the revival of traditional crafts.

Inspiring India Make Travel Matter Experiences


Pink City Rickshaw, Jaipur​

Meet the inspiring, entrepreneurial, and innovative women of Pink City Rickshaw, a company dedicated to bringing women out of poverty by training and employing them as local guides on city tours by rickshaw. They'll take you on a city tour of Jaipur as you listen to their stories of growing up in the slums to proudly developing their skills to be part of this inspiring opportunity. 


Sheroes Hangout, Agra

Meet the women of Sheroes Hangout, an inspirational, one-of-a-kind women’s café. The café and the community are run by survivors of acid attacks, from a variety of backgrounds and economical standings. The goal of the café is to increase awareness of acid attacks and to empower acid attack survivors. 


Sunder Rang Arts and Crafts Project, Chandelao

Visit the Sunder Rang Arts and Crafts Project, an initiative launched on International Women’s Day in 2007. Sunder Rang translates to 'beautiful colors' in Hindi, it speaks to India's cultural richness in crafts and traditions. The center helps to improve the livelihood of rural women by teaching them income-generating skills. Local women produce beautiful Rajasthani textiles and handicrafts enabling them to earn a reliable income on a fair-trade basis.

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