Say What?! Portuguese Common Phrases & Colloquialisms

Want to fala portuguese? Traveling to Portugal or Brazil? 

Portuguese is one of the major languages of the world (the sixth most spoken language worldwide), spoken by about 200 million people on four continents! 

In Lisbon, Porto, and other main destinations, English is spoken fairly widely. The Portuguese are proud of their language so learning just a few simple Portuguese words certainly enhances a visit to Portugal! 

The Basics

Hello (General greeting) Olá
How are you? Como está? (formal)
  Como vai? (informal)
Reply to 'How are you?' Estou bem, obrigado(a). E o senhor? (formal)
  Estou bem, obrigado(a). E o senhora? (formal)
What's your name? Como se chama? (formal)
My name is ... Chamo-me ...
  Eu chamo-me ...
I'm from ... Venho de ...
  Sou de ...
Pleased to meet you Prazer
Good morning (Morning greeting) Bom dia
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting)/evening Boa tarde
Good night Boa noite
Goodbye  Adeus (formal)
(Parting phrases) Tchau (informal)
(Parting phrases) Até logo! (see you)
(Parting phrases) Até breve (see you soon)


Good luck! Boa sorte!
Cheers! Good Health!  Viva!
(Toasts used when drinking) Saúde! (health)
Have a nice day Tem um bom dia!
I don't know Não sei
Do you understand? Percebe?
I don't understand Não compreendo
  Não percebo
Do you speak English? Você fala inglês? (formal)
  Fala inglês? (formal)
How do you say ... in Portuguese? Como se diz ... em português?
  Como é que se diz ... em português?
Excuse me Com licença!
How much is this? Quanto custa?
Sorry , Desculpe! (formal)
  Desculpa! (informal)
Please Por favor
  Faz favor
Thank you Obrigado (m)
  Obrigada (f)


Acorde com os pés afastados English equivalent: “Wake up with the feet outside”: Woke up in a bad mood
Ainda que vistas a mona de seda, mona se queda. English equivalent: A golden bit does not make the horse any better.
Alcança quem não cansa. English equivalent: Faint heart never won fair lady.
Alimente sua barba English equivalent: “Water up his beard”: A lot of work
barata tonta English equivalent: “Dizzy Cockroach”: Being unfocused/clumsy
Estar com os óleos de oliva English equivalent: “Being with the olive oils”: In a bad mood
Muitos anos transformando galinhas English equivalent: “Many years turning chickens”: A lot of experience/knowledge
Pão pão, queijo queijo English equivalent: “Bread bread, cheese cheese”: It really is this simple!
Pegue o pequeno cavalo da chuva English equivalent: “Take the little horse from the rain”: Don’t count on that!
pulga atrás da orelha English equivalent: “Flea behind the ear”: Being suspicious
Sob a sombra da banana English equivalent: “Under the Banana Tree shade”: No worries
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