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Meet Six Extraordinary Women

Meet Senada

In the historic city of Sarajevo, Senada and her daughter, Jasmina, open Senada's home to their dinner guests. Sitting down to her table, Senada serves up, traditional Bosnian food noting, "Everything is locally-sourced, including the wine from Mostar." Her daughter, Jasmina, a chef in a top international restaurant now, credits her start in the culinary arts to her mother. Senada especially enjoys sharing their facinating city with guests. Since the war is still fresh in most travelers’ minds, Sarajevo being besieged and ravaged as recently as 1996, Senada likes to show her guests how local people are striving to improve and repair their beautiful city. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Treasures of the Balkans

18 Days from $4,825

Meet Trine at her working husky farm. Around 60 Alaskan huskies live on the farm and Trine knows living and working so closely with so many animals is a privilege and a big responsibility. Her family’s goal is to share their respect, humility, and love of the dogs and nature with everyone who visits. By giving their guests an insight into the fantastic nature and culture in Finnmark County, Trine wishes to inspire and share knowledge of the nature, the local community, and the distinctive character of Northern Norway. Gain an insight to the challenges Trine and her Alaskan Huskies face when competing in marathon Arctic dog sled races.

Stockholm, Sweden

Grand Scandinavia

20 Days from $6,395

Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti is one of the few remaining traditional frame hand-weaving workshops in Puglia, Italy. Guiditta Brozzetti opened the workshop/school inspired by the textiles made by local farmers’ wives. Brozzetti became a central entrepreneurial figure in the region, a considerable rarity for a woman in the early 20th century. Since that time, the passion for the art of hand-weaving textiles on antique wooden looms has been passed down through the generations of the Brozzetti family, from mother to daughter. Meet local loom weaver, Marta, and learn how she and her team are keeping alive the ancient craft of producing beautiful textiles. 

Canals of Venice
First Class

Italy Bellissimo

11 Days from $2,869

Meet Madame Beatrice de Monferrier, or Beatrice, as she asks everyone to call her, on her magnificent 17th-century farm estate in Villandry, France. “This is a farm and our buildings are very old. From the 17th century. I think it’s a joy for everyone to forget big towns,” Beatrice says. “Together with my daughter Alexandra, we work the land. We have 17 hectares. We have animals; many boarders like our chickens, goats, sheep, and ducks. And, of course, the restaurant. When you visit, I think what is very special is you arrive into a very rural atmosphere of France. You will see our everyday life. I think that is very important because it’s very rare.”

Saint Emilion
First Class

Best of France

13 Days from $3,209
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