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Seine River Cruises

France Bordeaux And Seine River
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Cruising along the Seine River on an all-inclusive Uniworld river cruise is an extraordinary way to explore and experience France's beauty and charm. The Seine River flows through the heart of Paris and the Normandy region, providing a unique perspective on France's iconic landmarks and stunning landscapes. Explore France's gorgeous shorelines, vineyards, and iconic sights sailing on any all-inclusive 8-22 day itineraries that include days sailing the Seine River.

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The Best Places to Visit on The Seine River

The Seine River offers a range of captivating destinations in France to explore during a cruise. Here are some of the best places to visit:

Paris: Begin your journey in the "City of Lights" and explore Paris's iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Arc de Triomphe. Take a leisurely stroll along the Seine River and soak in the romantic ambiance.

Rouen: Discover the historic city of Rouen, known for its magnificent Gothic cathedral and charming medieval streets. Visit the Place du Vieux-Marché, where Joan of Arc was executed, and explore the fascinating Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Caudebec-en-Caux: This charming town offers a glimpse into traditional Normandy life. Admire the beautiful Church of Saint-Pierre, stroll along the waterfront promenade, and experience the local culture and cuisine.

Giverny: Immerse yourself in the world of Impressionist painter Claude Monet by visiting his famous garden in Giverny. Wander through the enchanting gardens and explore Monet's former residence, which now serves as a museum.

Honfleur: This picturesque coastal town is known for its colorful buildings, charming harbor, and art galleries. Take a stroll along the Vieux Bassin, admire the Sainte-Catherine Church, and sample local seafood delicacies.

A cruise along the Seine River also provides opportunities to indulge in exquisite French wine and cuisine and enjoy the river's scenic beauty.

All-Inclusive Seine River Cruises

Why You Should Go on a Seine River Cruise

Booking an all-inclusive Uniworld river cruise that includes days sailing the Seine River means you only unpack once while still exploring the gorgeous areas of Paris and Normandy. Cruising the Seine River provides a unique perspective on the iconic landmarks of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. The Seine River passes through some of the most beautiful landscapes in France, including the picturesque countryside of Normandy, the cliffs of Etretat, and the charming towns of Vernon and Rouen.  An all-inclusive Uniworld river cruise offers a convenient way to see multiple destinations without the hassle of packing and unpacking. Plus, Uniworld's river cruise ships take you to the heart of your destinations and dock in the center of town, so you can step right off the ship and start exploring.

Are Uniworld Seine River Cruises All-Inclusive?

Yes! Book your Uniworld River cruise with GET and enjoy unlimited premium spirits and wines, delicious, five-star, farm-to-table cuisine, your choice of carefully curated excursions, all gratuities onboard, all scheduled airport transfers, walking sticks for onshore use, shipwide internet and wi-fi access, and onboard entertainment and enrichment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Seine River Cruises

  1. What is the best time to take a Seine River cruise?
    The best time to take a Seine River cruise is during the spring (April and May) or fall (September and October) when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller. 
  2. How long does a Seine River cruise last?
    The duration of a Seine River cruise can vary, depending on the itinerary. A cruise with Uniworld that includes time sailing on the Seine will last anywhere from 10 to 25 days.
  3. What are the most popular stops on a Uniworld Seine River cruise?
    Some of the most popular stops on a Seine River cruise include Paris, Rouen, Giverny, and Honfleur. Other notable stops may include the Palace of Versailles, the D-Day landing beaches of Normandy, and the charming town of Les Andelys.
  4. What types of activities are available on a Uniworld Seine River cruise?
    Activities available on a Seine River cruise include wine tastings, guided tours of historic towns and cities, onboard entertainment, cooking classes, and wellness activities. For example, on the Paris & Normandy cruise, you'll visit a family farm in Rouen to see how Camembert cheese is made and taste their delicious variety of Camembert cheeses while sipping on apple cider, another classic product from Normandy.
  5. What is the cost of an all-inclusive Seine River cruise with Uniworld?
    The cost of a Seine River cruise can vary based on several factors, including the length of the cruise, your cabin choice, and the time of year. On average, an eight-day Seine River cruise can cost between $3,999 to $24,000 per person.


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