12 Movie Destinations
You Can Visit in the USA

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1. New York City, New York

New York City is one of the most iconic filming locations in the world, and countless movies have featured scenes set in the city. The city's vibrant neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and diverse locations have made it a popular backdrop for countless films. Many of these locations are real places that you can visit. However, keep in mind that the availability of specific locations may vary over time.

Movies with scenes filmed in New York

  1. Ghostbusters (1984): The firehouse used as the Ghostbusters' headquarters is located at 14 North Moore Street in Tribeca.

  2. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992): The Plaza Hotel plays a significant role in this movie, and you can visit this historic luxury hotel located at 768 5th Ave.

  3. Spider-Man (2002): The first film in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man series features many scenes shot in New York City. The fictional Daily Bugle office is actually the Flatiron Building at 175 5th Ave.

  4. Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961): The famous opening scene of Audrey Hepburn having breakfast while window shopping at Tiffany & Co. takes place at the actual Tiffany & Co. flagship store at 727 5th Ave.

  5. The Avengers (2012): The final battle scene takes place at Grand Central Terminal, a historic transportation hub located at 89 E 42nd St.

  6. King Kong (1933): While there have been several adaptations of King Kong, the original movie featured scenes of the giant ape climbing the Empire State Building, which you can visit at 350 5th Ave.

  7. When Harry Met Sally (1989): The iconic "I'll have what she's having" scene was filmed at Katz's Delicatessen, a famous eatery located at 205 E Houston St.

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Usa Washington Seattle Skyline And Space Needle

2. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, has been featured in various movies due to its distinctive urban landscape and iconic landmarks. The city's diverse neighborhoods have made it a popular location for filmmakers over the years.

Movies with scenes filmed in Seattle

  1. Sleepless in Seattle (1993): This romantic comedy is set in Seattle and prominently features the city's landmarks, including the Space Needle. Many scenes were shot on location, capturing the city's charm.

  2. Singles (1992): A romantic comedy-drama set in Seattle, it captures the lives of a group of young people living in an apartment complex. The film showcases the city's grunge scene and its music culture.

  3. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999): While the majority of the film was shot in the Tacoma area, there are scenes set at the fictional Padua High School that feature Seattle's skyline in the background.

  4. Chronicle (2012): This found-footage science fiction film includes scenes set and filmed in Seattle, where the main characters explore their newfound superpowers.

  5. Say Anything... (1989): The iconic boombox scene, where John Cusack holds a boombox playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," was filmed in front of the now-demolished Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Seattle.

  6. World War Z (2013): The opening scenes of the zombie apocalypse in this film were set in Philadelphia but were actually shot in various locations, including a scene filmed at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle.

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3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico's distinctive Southwestern architecture, vibrant arts scene, and stunning landscapes have made it a popular location for various films. These movies showcase Santa Fe's unique character, desert landscapes, and artistic influence, contributing to the cinematic representation of the city's distinct atmosphere. 

Movies with scenes filmed in Santa Fe

  1. The Milagro Beanfield War (1988): This film, based on John Nichols' novel, is set in the fictional village of Milagro, inspired by northern New Mexico communities like Taos and Santa Fe.

  2. Crazy Heart (2009): While the majority of the film takes place outside of Santa Fe, the city's landscapes and music scene play a role in this drama about a washed-up country singer.

  3. Silverado (1985): This Western film features scenes filmed in and around Santa Fe, capturing its Southwestern feel.

  4. Easy Rider (1969): Although not entirely set in Santa Fe, the film features scenes filmed in and around the city as part of the cross-country journey.

  5. Wild Hogs (2007): While the film primarily takes place in Ohio, Santa Fe and New Mexico's landscapes are featured during the main characters' road trip.

  6. Georgia O'Keeffe (2009): This biographical TV film depicts the life of the iconic artist and includes scenes filmed in and around Santa Fe, where O'Keeffe lived and worked.

  7. Lone Star (1996): While not exclusively set in Santa Fe, the film was partly shot in the area and captures the Southwest's cultural influences.

  8. A Thousand Words (2012): This comedy starring Eddie Murphy includes scenes filmed in Santa Fe, where the protagonist embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

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Yellowstone National Park Wyoming United States National Parks Wonders

4. Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Yellowstone National Park's unique and breathtaking landscapes have been featured in various films, showcasing its natural beauty and wild character. While Yellowstone National Park is not the primary setting for many films, its awe-inspiring landscapes and geothermal features have occasionally provided captivating backdrops for various movie scenes. 

Movies with scenes in Yellowstone National Park

  1. Dante's Peak (1997): This disaster film features scenes set in the fictional town of Dante's Peak, near a volcano. Some scenes were filmed in and around Yellowstone.

  2. Wild America (1997): While the majority of the film takes place outside of Yellowstone, the story follows three brothers who embark on a cross-country adventure that includes a visit to the park.

  3. Yellowstone (1936): This classic film, although not shot within the national park, uses stock footage and images to portray the beauty of Yellowstone and its wildlife.

  4. Yellowstone Kelly (1959): A Western adventure film set in the 1870s, this movie showcases Yellowstone's landscapes as the backdrop for its story.

  5. Star Trek: Generations (1994): Although not exclusively set in Yellowstone, the film features a sequence on the fictional planet of Veridian III, which was shot in California's Valley of Fire State Park but was inspired by Yellowstone's geothermal features.

  6. American Outlaws (2001): This Western action film includes scenes set in and around Yellowstone National Park, showcasing its beautiful scenery.

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5. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, known as the "Music City," has been a popular location for movies that revolve around the music industry, as well as those that capture the city's unique atmosphere. These movies provide glimpses into Nashville's music scene, culture, and distinct character, capturing the city's importance in the world of entertainment. 

Movies with scenes filmed in Nashville

  1. Nashville (1975): This iconic film by Robert Altman is set in the city and follows the lives of several characters in the country music scene. The film captures the essence of Nashville's music culture.

  2. Coal Miner's Daughter (1980): This biographical film about country singer Loretta Lynn features scenes in and around Nashville, showcasing the city's role in the country music industry.

  3. The Thing Called Love (1993): This romantic drama set in the Nashville music scene stars River Phoenix and Samantha Mathis, and it captures the struggles and dreams of aspiring musicians.

  4. Country Strong (2010): This drama follows a fallen country music star as she attempts to resurrect her career. Many scenes were filmed in and around Nashville's iconic music venues.

  5. Crazy Heart (2009): While not primarily set in Nashville, the film features scenes filmed in the city's music venues and captures the life of a washed-up country singer.

  6. The Last Castle (2001): While not a film about music, this drama starring Robert Redford and James Gandolfini features scenes filmed at the Tennessee State Prison in Nashville.

  7. Walk the Line (2005): This biographical film about Johnny Cash features scenes in and around Nashville, reflecting the city's role in Cash's career.

  8. Country Strong (2010): This drama about a country music star's attempt at a comeback features scenes filmed in Nashville's music venues and iconic locations.
  9. The Identical (2014): This drama set in the 1950s explores themes of music, family, and identity, with scenes filmed in and around Nashville.

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6. The Pacific Coast Highway, California

The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), also known as California State Route 1, is a stunning coastal road that stretches along the western coastline of California, USA. It has been featured in numerous movies due to its breathtaking views and scenic beauty.

Movies that have scenes filmed on the Pacific Coast Highway

  1. The Lost Boys (1987): This horror-comedy film includes scenes filmed in Santa Cruz along the PCH, capturing the unique atmosphere of the coastal town.

  2. Basic Instinct (1992): The PCH is featured in several driving scenes in this thriller, adding to the movie's atmospheric tension.

  3. Forrest Gump (1994): The iconic running scene in "Forrest Gump" includes Tom Hanks running along the PCH, with the beautiful coastline as the backdrop.

  4. Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005): This comedy film features scenes filmed along the PCH, showcasing some of California's stunning coastal landscapes.

  5. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011): While the majority of the movie was filmed in various locations, a scene featuring Captain Jack Sparrow escaping from King George's soldiers was shot on the PCH.

  6. The Master (2012): This drama film includes a scene of a motorcycle ride along the PCH, capturing the scenic beauty of the coastal route.

  7. La La Land (2016): The iconic opening scene of this musical romance was shot on a Los Angeles freeway ramp overlooking the PCH, showcasing a vibrant dance sequence in the midst of traffic.

  8. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019): This film includes scenes set in and around Los Angeles, including the PCH, showcasing the atmosphere of Hollywood in the late 1960s.

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7. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, is a popular setting for movies. The city's iconic monuments and government institutions create a unique atmosphere that can enhance themes of power struggles, espionage, and complex decision-making. Its rich history and symbolic significance make it an intriguing setting for exploring political intrigue, personal journeys, and the collision of ideals. 

Movies that have scenes filmed in Washington D.C.

  1. All the President's Men (1976): This political thriller follows the investigation by journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein into the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

  2. The American President (1995): A romantic comedy-drama set in the White House, this film portrays the relationship between a widowed U.S. president and an environmental lobbyist.

  3. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939): This classic film follows a naive and idealistic young senator as he takes on the political establishment in Washington.

  4. Independence Day (1996): This sci-fi action film depicts an alien invasion of Earth and includes scenes set in Washington, D.C., as the city becomes a focal point of the conflict.

  5. National Treasure (2004): This adventure film follows a historian and his team as they try to decipher hidden messages in historical artifacts to uncover a national treasure, with scenes filmed at various D.C. landmarks.

  6. White House Down (2013): In this action film, a U.S. Capitol Police officer must protect the President and the White House from a paramilitary group.

  7. The Manchurian Candidate (2004): A political thriller involving conspiracy and mind control, the film features scenes set in D.C., including the Capitol and various government buildings.

  8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014): A superhero film, it includes scenes set in and around Washington, D.C., as Captain America battles a conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D.

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8. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee, with its rich musical heritage and historic landmarks, has been featured in various films. These films showcase Memphis' diverse settings, including its music history, urban landscapes, and iconic landmarks like Beale Street, contributing to their unique storytelling. 

Movies with scenes filmed in Memphis

  1. Walk the Line (2005): This biographical film about Johnny Cash features scenes that were shot in and around Memphis, including Sun Studio and the historic Beale Street.

  2. The Firm (1993): Based on John Grisham's novel, this legal thriller includes scenes set in Memphis, capturing the city's downtown and Mississippi River views.

  3. The Blind Side (2009): While the film primarily takes place in other locations, it features scenes filmed in Memphis, including ones set at the University of Memphis.

  4. The Rainmaker (1997): Another John Grisham adaptation, this legal drama features scenes filmed in Memphis, capturing the city's urban landscape.

  5. Great Balls of Fire! (1989): This biographical film about Jerry Lee Lewis includes scenes shot in and around Memphis, portraying the city's role in the early days of rock 'n' roll.

  6. Black Snake Moan (2006): Set in rural Tennessee but featuring scenes filmed in Memphis, this drama stars Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci and explores themes of redemption.

  7. Cast Away (2000): While the majority of the film takes place on a deserted island, the early scenes are set in Memphis and feature the city's FedEx headquarters.

  8. Elizabethtown (2005): Though the film's story spans different locations, some scenes were filmed in Memphis, including ones set at the Memphis Zoo.

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Usa Massachusetts Boston Harbor

9. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a rich tapestry of history, academia, and diverse neighborhoods, making it a compelling backdrop for storytelling. Its iconic landmarks, such as Fenway Park and Harvard University, create a sense of place. At the same time, its distinct character and solid cultural identity offer a dynamic setting for character-driven narratives. The city's juxtaposition of tradition and modernity provides a captivating atmosphere that can enrich any cinematic narrative. 

Movies that have scenes filmed in Boston

  1. Good Will Hunting (1997): This drama follows a young janitor at MIT with exceptional mathematical abilities. The film showcases various Boston locations, including Harvard Square and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  2. The Departed (2006): A crime thriller set in Boston, the film features scenes in different neighborhoods, highlighting the city's distinctive character.

  3. The Town (2010): This crime drama revolves around a group of bank robbers in Charlestown, a neighborhood in Boston.

  4. Mystic River (2003): While not exclusively set in Boston, the film's story is centered around a working-class neighborhood and its inhabitants.

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10. Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod boast stunning coastal landscapes, sandy beaches, charming villages, and iconic lighthouses. These natural backdrops provide visually appealing settings that can enhance the overall cinematic experience. The quaint and distinct New England atmosphere of Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod adds character to any story. The towns' architecture, local shops, and historical sites create a cozy and inviting environment for characters. 

Movies that have scenes filmed in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard

  1. Jaws (1975): While the fictional town of Amity is not an actual location, the movie was filmed primarily on Martha's Vineyard, capturing the quintessential New England coastal atmosphere.

  2. The Witches of Eastwick (1987): This supernatural comedy-drama is set in the fictional town of Eastwick, which was inspired by a mix of Cape Cod and Rhode Island aesthetics.

  3. Summer Catch (2001): A romantic comedy set on Cape Cod, the film portrays a summer romance between a local baseball player and a tourist.

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11. South Dakota

South Dakota's diverse landscapes, including the Badlands, Black Hills, and historic sites, have served as backdrops for various movies. These movies showcase South Dakota's unique environments, from its rugged landscapes to historic landmarks, contributing to the cinematic portrayal of the state's diverse character.

Movies with scenes filmed in South Dakota

  1. Dances with Wolves (1990): This epic Western film, set during the Civil War, features scenes filmed in the Black Hills area, showcasing its natural beauty.

  2. Hidalgo (2004): This film features scenes set in the Badlands and the Black Hills and tells the story of a long-distance horse race.

  3. Into the Wild (2007): While the majority of the film takes place in Alaska, there are scenes set in South Dakota, including those filmed in the Badlands.
  4. Dante's Peak (1997): This disaster film features scenes in a fictional town near the Black Hills, using South Dakota's landscapes as a backdrop.

  5. Badlands (1973): While not set in South Dakota, this film, directed by Terrence Malick, is loosely based on the Starkweather-Fugate killing spree, which took place in Nebraska and South Dakota.
  6. North by Northwest (1959): While not exclusively set in South Dakota, the film features scenes filmed at Mount Rushmore, an iconic landmark in the state.

  7. The Revenant (2015): Although not primarily set in South Dakota, the film's stunning landscapes were partly shot in the Black Hills.

  8. Thunderheart (1992): This crime drama, inspired by events on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, features scenes set in and around South Dakota's Badlands.

  9. Armageddon (1998): While not primarily set in South Dakota, the film's final scenes include a shot of the fictional oil drillers returning to Earth, filmed at Badlands National Park.

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Usa Louisiana New Orleans Historic French Quarter

12. New Orleans, Louisiana

With its rich cultural heritage, historic architecture, and unique atmosphere, New Orleans has been a popular setting for movies across various genres. These movies capture the essence of New Orleans, Louisiana, and its unique culture, architecture, and vibrant energy that sets the city apart. 

Movies with scenes filmed in New Orleans

  1. Interview with the Vampire (1994): Based on Anne Rice's novel, this gothic horror film features scenes set in New Orleans and captures the city's dark and mysterious ambiance.

  2. A Streetcar Named Desire (1951): This classic film, based on Tennessee Williams' play, is set in the French Quarter of New Orleans and reflects the city's sensuality and raw emotion.

  3. The Princess and the Frog (2009): This Disney animated film is set in New Orleans and draws on the city's culture and music for its story and characters.

  4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008): While not entirely set in New Orleans, the film features scenes in the city and showcases its historic charm.

  5. The Big Easy (1986): This crime drama takes place in New Orleans and explores corruption and criminal activity in the city.

  6. Live and Let Die (1973): This James Bond film features scenes set in New Orleans, including a thrilling boat chase through the city's waterways.

  7. Down by Law (1986): This independent film by Jim Jarmusch is set in New Orleans and follows the stories of three men who meet in a Louisiana prison.

  8. 22 Jump Street (2014): While the film primarily takes place in college settings, the story includes scenes set in New Orleans.

  9. Angel Heart (1987): A supernatural horror film, it features scenes set in the atmospheric neighborhoods of New Orleans.

  10. Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012): While not set in New Orleans directly, this film is set in the fictional Bathtub community, inspired by the culture of the Louisiana Bayou and its proximity to the city.

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