Project Objective

In the townships of South Africa, over 50% of children who start grade 1 do not complete grade 12. The rate of teenage pregnancy, violence, and drug abuse is very high, resulting in the prevalent incarceration of children and youth.  

The Amy Foundation provides opportunities for growth and enrichment to more than 2,000 children and youth daily in the Cape Town area. The foundation was created in honor of Amy Biehl, a political activist committed to making a difference in South Africa, and has been working for 22 years to provide a safe environment to vulnerable communities.

Cultural heritage tourism is a pillar supporting Lakota Youth Development’s youth programs. Travel experiences hosted by Lakota Youth Development offer guests the opportunity to learn about and experience the Lakota culture, including traditional art, dance, food, games, hunting, horseback riding, fishing, medicinal plant gathering, and star knowledge. These experiences also benefit youth directly through training and paid apprenticeships that offer practical experience in hospitality and tourism delivery. This sector is not widely available to them within the confines of a rural tribal community. This contributes to future success and career opportunities while increasing financial security for Lakota Youth Development as a non-profit. 

South Africa Cape Town Aerial View

How TreadRight Makes an Impact

Through funding towards its programs from TreadRight, the Amy Foundation can grow the number of classes and activities, effectively increasing its capacity to support more children and youth and its ability to keep them off the streets and provide them with brighter futures.

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UN Global Goals

Children in the townships of South Africa will have greater access to quality education.  Through Amy Foundation’s programming, children will be empowered to pursue higher education, resulting in increased opportunities to find decent work and support their families. 

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