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Take your family on a journey that brings history out of the textbooks and places the wonders of the world at their fingertips. Traveling with your children and grandchildren, witnessing how their wanderlust is piqued as the world is opened up before them, is one of life’s most precious gifts. Our multi-generational family-friendly vacations have been specially designed to bring to life the history and culture of the destination you visit through a series of exciting experiences. Hands-on, fun-packed, with colorful characters, culture and history, every member of the family can join the fun and connect in a way often impossible with the pressures of everyday life.

Family Tours Inspiration

Spend quality family time exploring the world together with Young Traveler Savings of up to 10% for 5 to 17-year-olds.

9 Day Tour to Germany, Austria & Switzerland
From $2,895 $2,606
Save Up To $315


10 Day UK Tour from London to Edinburgh
From $3,695 $3,141
Save Up To $554


10 Day Tour of Italy
From $3,495 $3,146
Save Up To $360


8 Day Costa Rica Tour from San Jose to Arenal
From $2,545


9 Day USA Tour from Salt Lake City
From $3,900 $3,315
Save Up To $585


10 Day Ireland Tour of Dublin, Galway
From $3,375 $2,869
Save Up To $506


Uniworld Generations Collection Sailings

AVAILABLE ON SELECT DATES ON THESE ITINERARIES With special programs, events, and excursions designed for your world travelers in training.  

8 Day Cruise from Vienna to Nuremberg
From $4,199 $2,699
Save Up To $1,500


8 Day Cruise from Amsterdam to Amsterdam
From $3,999 $2,499
Save Up To $1,500


10 Days Cruise Vienna to Prague
From $3,999


8 Day Cruise from Basel to Amsterdam
From $3,699 $2,199
Save Up To $1,700


12 Day Cruise from Cairo to Cairo
From $8,999 $5,999
Save Up To $3,000


Frequently Asked Questions About Family Tours

With kid-friendly accommodation, meals, and transportation included on our family vacations, you can easily stick to your budget and focus on having fun. We also include all the must-do experiences and let you know all the optional experiences before your family tour, so you won’t be hit with any surprise costs.

The best family vacations include adventures that are fun for the whole family. We love family beach vacations to places like Greece and Costa Rica, historical adventures like experiencing life as a gladiator in Italy, and nature trips like boarding an Old West train to the Grand Canyon.

Family-friendly vacations can be found all over the world, from the outback of the United States to the jungles of Costa Rica to the islands of Greece. Some of our favorite family vacation spots include Italy, Switzerland, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica and the United States.

Travel is one of life’s greatest teachers. From grandparents to kids, everyone will learn new skills and discover a world of cultures and new ideas while spending precious time together, like only family vacations can bring. Your journey will also inspire a sense of wonder and connection for all, and we think that’s one of the most valuable things you can have in life.

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